AV Workstation

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AV Workstation.jpg
Participants Realitygaps
Skills Programming, Audio, Video, Graphics
Status Dormant
Niche Software
Purpose Fun


The AV Workstation is set up for use in audio, video and graphical work. There are 2 DVI monitors and a number of multimedia peripherals attached and the machine is connected to the Yamaha mixer for audio input/output. It is currently running Ubuntu Studio.


  • Wacom Tablet and Cordless Mouse
  • Behringer BC3000 USB Midi Controller
  • Evolution MK-449C USB Midi Controller
  • Roland PC-160A Midi Keyboard (Currently not connected)
  • Microsoft Kinect for Windows (Libfreenect/glview work but OpenNI/Primesense might need some work)
  • Sweex 7.1 USB Soundcard
  • Sennheiser HD-477 headphones

User accounts

Currently we are using the 'techinc' user account. The password the one you were told already, but it should auto-login to the user on bootup.

After use

Please suspend the machine when not in use.