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Becoming a member

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Name Memberstatus Email Url Projects
3p1c member BlackHat-RGB-LedMatrix, FOSDEM, Domotica, Maemo, Arduino, Rpi, Soldering, Android, Another World Now, Internet Governance and hackers, Beehive-Embeded-Electronical-System (Bees) {{{6}}}
Algoldor wannabe Fermentation controller {{{6}}}
Alvarocc wannabe {{{6}}}
Amphack member Hacking ZTE-G S511 €7, 50 GSM phone {{{6}}}
Amraam lurker {{{6}}}
Amx109 lurker TableOfFire, TISSEOT, TRTL, Custom Tent, Plasma Cutter, Washing Machine Tank, Usb human heater, Email alert installation, Chopping Board Scales {{{6}}}
Andreasr member Arcade Machine, LAOSLaserCutter {{{6}}}
Arda Xi member Android, Matelade, OYO Hacking {{{6}}}
Awake member {{{6}}}
Axello wannabe Baytech-inc {{{6}}}
Azehav wannabe Youth hackerspace {{{6}}}
Bakboter board annymail@mydomain.above {{{6}}}
Becha member Hackers tribes, SubGroups/Young Hackspace, Radical Openness, Ladies Night, Internet Governance and hackers, MeshNet, Hacker in residence, MovieNight, RIPE Atlas probes at hackerspaces, Hackerspaces exchange, Karma server, Fifty Shirts of Gray, Book Crossing, T-shirts Hacking, Privacy Software Workshop Series, Stapled felt cover for E-Book reader, Hackerspaces tour, DIY-EMDR {{{6}}}
Bigmac board {{{6}}}
Bnvk visitor Mailpile {{{6}}}
Boots lurker {{{6}}}
Brainsmoke member PCB Techinc Logo, ISP Targetboard, ToolBoard, SpaceAPI:Button, Paint ALL THE THINGS, Techinc soldering kit, Matrixpad, Doorbot, NIKOTIN FIXA, Bash the Lights, Polyhedrone, Polyhedron maps {{{6}}}
Branko member 2 links to be created soon {{{6}}}
COmShark wannabe {{{6}}}
Chip member {{{6}}}
Chotee member Ledslie, Laser-pop {{{6}}}
ChrisS member 1up, FARM {{{6}}}
Cmpxchg member UsbTinyIsp {{{6}}}
CodeAsm member Kimus 1a {{{6}}}
Control-k member Arcade Machine {{{6}}}
Cool Fire lurker {{{6}}}
Cyberdutch member Laptop 1.0, Drone 1-2-3 {{{6}}}
DokterBob member {{{6}}}
Doug lurker {{{6}}}
DrWhax member Gsm, Piratebox, SpaceFED, (mp)OTR, Goodbios, World domination, Coreboot, Technologia Incognita {{{6}}}
Dramaturg member Canalview {{{6}}}
E1k wannabe {{{6}}}
Edef member {{{6}}}
Einstein member Neopixel, Vendingmachine, Rtl-sdr, Coffeemachine {{{6}}}
Epidemik member LINSN LED strips {{{6}}}
Epoz member Revolight {{{6}}}
Erik wannabe {{{6}}}
Erwin-c64 member Midi Panel, Kimus 1a {{{6}}}
Eurozulu lurker {{{6}}}
Gorgabal member {{{6}}}
Guido member Shaftbot, LEDLightDistrict, Math didactics, Learning Entry Point, SpaceAPI:Button {{{6}}}
HakIT wannabe RoofTopNetwork, Nothin' yet {{{6}}}
Hamish member {{{6}}}
Harukaze lurker None at the moment {{{6}}}
Hdez visitor Personal Knowledge Management {{{6}}}
Helios member Helios/weather-station {{{6}}}
Hvoers visitor Smtp {{{6}}}
John henry member Navigation Wearable {{{6}}}
Julf member Helsingius {{{6}}}
Justa member TableOfFire, BrewBetterBeer, Fermentation controller, Techinc soldering kit, Quadcopter workshop, LINSN LED strips, Interspatial pale ale, SawRouterTable, DIY-EMDR, JustaDome {{{6}}}
Katje member Timezone clocks, World domination, Bike Workshop {{{6}}}
Keesj visitor {{{6}}}
Kwikrick member DropMeister {{{6}}}
Lpm wannabe LPM {{{6}}}
MK wannabe {{{6}}}
MRieback member Ctf-evenings {{{6}}}
Madeddie member OwncloudTasksOnPebble {{{6}}}
Magicmike member {{{6}}}
Maijin member Arcade Machine {{{6}}}
Marvin member {{{6}}}
Mattronix member RevBank {{{6}}}
Meridion member Fourlights, Ledwall, Baytech-inc {{{6}}}
Mi1es member French FX-7 robot {{{6}}}
Minimac member Techinc LogoHack {{{6}}}
Mr seeker wannabe {{{6}}}
MrCyborg wannabe {{{6}}}
Muse member AH bonuskaart exchange {{{6}}}
Nakedcellist wannabe {{{6}}}
Narya member OwncloudTasksOnPebble, Techinc Wheel, Sewing workshop, Dress1, NarCopter, HexTarp, Candles, Book Crossing, BBQ, MyLaptop, OYO sleeve, Keket, WeatherDuino, Embroidery machine, Vintage, Wearable electronics, Orangerie, Mini {{{6}}}
Nathan7 member World domination, DildoMaker {{{6}}}
Noroot lurker {{{6}}}
Nperez lurker {{{6}}}
Oberoid member ESP8226 Nailed On Wood, Raspoulja {{{6}}}
Orsans wannabe id=454 Another World Now {{{6}}}
Oscahie member {{{6}}}
Peetz0r member {{{6}}}
Peter member {{{6}}}
Phicoh member Privacy Software Workshop Series, Phicoh Copter 1, Home Hosting {{{6}}}
Phrag wannabe Privacy Wear {{{6}}}
Piele member Eventcase, Network Team, Yggdrasil network {{{6}}}
Qguv member {{{6}}}
Ranzbak member AnusCopter, Koudhe {{{6}}}
Realitygaps member SpaceAPI:Button, Arcade Machine, Fluff, AV Workstation, Software Sundays, Shardik, Open Ecig, NIKOTIN FIXA, Bash the Lights, Make Amica Great Again {{{6}}}
Reese member {{{6}}}
Remenska wannabe {{{6}}}
Rep member {{{6}}}
Riichard wannabe {{{6}}}
Ro5k0 member {{{6}}}
S0s member {{{6}}}
S0s member {{{6}}}
Sacha wannabe Streaming ASCII Pr0n {{{6}}}
Sasho member {{{6}}}
SegF4ult wannabe {{{6}}}
Shadowdevops member {{{6}}}
Silbo visitor Robokoding, Brain-Duino {{{6}}}
Sjaan member {{{6}}}
Stef member Embedded security challenge {{{6}}}
StephanvanSchaik member {{{6}}}
Stomp member {{{6}}}
Tannie wannabe {{{6}}}
Techwolf12 member {{{6}}}
Tew member {{{6}}}
Tg member http://0x7f000001/ {{{6}}}
The JinX member NYANbanner, Plausible Deniability, Rubberfuse, SpaceAPI:Map/Benelux, Techinc soldering kit, OYO Hacking, 555 Sequencer, Open Ecig, AnusCopter, Safe sudo, DEFEMBER, Koudhe, NIKOTIN FIXA, Bash the Lights, PowerbarQuadSwitch {{{6}}}
Thomascovenant member Embedded security challenge {{{6}}}
Tommy member Make Amica Great Again {{{6}}}
Tomtt visitor {{{6}}}
Ultratux member!/Ultratux ACTA/Ventilation, ACTA/Water, 8^3Cube, Cerberups, Cerberus (metric), Dirty Room II, Fusebox, Better sound, Home Hosting, TTIP, DeltaFlightcase, WestSpaceAudio, TshirtGears, Plexilights, PowerbarQuadSwitch, LEDsDoIt, CircularSawRefurbish, SawWorkTable, SoldeerStago, SuckWell, SawRouterTable {{{6}}}
User:zmatt visitor {{{6}}}
V wannabe UV/Vino, DIY Raman spectroscope {{{6}}}
Vermin lurker NYANbanner {{{6}}}
Voidz0r member Office Space, Shardik, Baytech-inc, NRF24L01 {{{6}}}
Wally member {{{6}}}
Webmind member 0xFCF154AE@keyid.gpg Utility Skirt, Aluminium Casting, Button printing, Cone Skirt, X201/Coreboot, Kimus 1a, RoofTopNetwork, Function-walker, Sinclair C5, SMC 922 {{{6}}}
Wfk member Embedded security challenge, Bike Workshop {{{6}}}
Wisefire lurker {{{6}}}
Wizzup board LEDLightDistrict, Fluff, Plausible Deniability, Arcade Machine, N900 Tinkering, DildoMaker, TInance, Baytech-inc, Lightswitch, Bash the Lights, PowerbarQuadSwitch {{{6}}}
XiQ member {{{6}}}
Xipholena member {{{6}}}
Yiodah visitor Yiodah copter {{{6}}}
Z33v wannabe {{{6}}}
ZTiK member PIP-GRL 31415 {{{6}}}