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nickname amphack
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Tasks comittee 'huishoudelijk reglement'
Part of Projects hacking ZTE-G S511 €7, 50 GSM phone

I've been hacking all my life, hacking objects, people, peek-ing and poke-ing in the saintly days of yore sitting hours at a TRS-80 Color Computer 2. Then I got hold of a | Color Computer 3] from the US (they didn't sell them in Europe). Which was capable of showing 16 colors at the same time. From 16 came HAM (4096) colors and quite some resolution at 30hz from my Commodore_Amiga Amiga 500+ which even had a 10MB hard drive.

So a 20 sided die was quite a piece of technology considering, and most of my time was spent playing D&D, got expelled once from school because we were playing D&D in class.

What else is there to say? I refuse to conform in any way regarding dress code, except when it's templelodge. So you recognize me by the carefully chosen classical attire.

"...I used to think that coke came in a bottle or can
Silk underwear
Wasn't right on a man
Hush puppies and sneakers
Now it's alligator shoes
Because downtown came uptown for you..."
Downtown came uptown, David Wilcox

Oh, yeah, i tend to party a lot, no booze though.