Email alert installation

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Participants Amx109
Skills Arduino, Electronics, Soldering, Programming
Status Dead
Niche Electronics
Purpose Fun


To monitor an email account, and upon receiving an email play a sound or enact other physical motion/interaction.


  • Be able to trigger an event from a new email received
  • Be able to play a sound when triggered
  • Option to mute sound
  • Option to change or reduce sound for specific time perdiods
  • Possibility for extending trigger action to multiple things


Basic Play-a-Sound

Raspberry Pi to monitor email account and play a sound through an amplified speaker.

Kinetic Additions

Interface the Raspberry Pi with an arduino, and use that to drive a servo/relay/solenoid for a more physical affect


  • Raspberry Pi
  • Power Source
  • SD Card
  • Powered Speakers


Available on github