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Intake Process

For any Network or Maintenance issues, please Email:
Your email will be handled quickly and in confidence, and a ticket opened if needed. We'll keep you informed. Please do not contact individual team members or use the unmonitored IRC channel.


2022-03-05: The remainder of this page is utterly outdated

The Network Team will slowly start updating this information here.


Below is the list of pages that are handy for the Network team and space members.


This is an initial setup, by Mattronix on 19-11-2014

Service Description Maintainer Running Host
monitoring.ti Infra Monitoring system. N/A hv1.ti
ampache.ti Music streaming server. N/A hv1.ti
backup.ti Backup management and backup system. N/A hv1.ti
cloud.ti Dedicated Owncloud Server N/A hv1.ti
ldap.ti User authentication and accounting server. N/A hv1.ti
mqtt.ti MQTT broker accessible in the space Chotee Ledslie
quessel.ti Shared IRC Client Server for dedicated IRC Clients N/A hv1.ti
vpn.ti VPN server
srv1.ti Shared Webserver running ISPConfig for members who want to run a website. N/A hv1.ti Dedicated machine for and + mailing lists. N/A hv1.ti
router.ti The spaces primary gateway to the internet. N/A router.ti
sip.ti The spaces primary PBX. N/A hv1.ti

Admin Portal Links

This is an initial setup, by Mattronix on 19-11-2014 Internal Links Only!!!!

Link Function
LDAP Portal Fusion Directory Use this portal to maintain LDAP Users,Groups and Attributes.
LDAP Portal Emergency/Advanced Used for when something goes wrong ALWAYS USE FUSION DIRECTORY for day to day tasks.
monitoring.ti Network Monitoring Server used to automatically detects and warn of critical events.
dfm.ti NetApp Data Fabric Manager server used to optimize NetApp Backups

Space Infrastructure Maintainers

This is an initial setup, by Mattronix on 19-11-2014

Member Member Maintains Available for members technical issues.
Mattronix Storage,Backups,Network,Hyper-Visors,TI Password Database yes
Piele Network,Hyper-Visors,TI Certificate Authority yes
Wizzup ampache.ti no
tg N/A yes
Arda Xi boot.ti no
Webmind N/A no
nathan7 N/A no
Muse LTSP yes