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Hi I'm Yo / Spirit,

CONTACT: keepthespirit [@]

Looking for drivers going to NL. I'd like to stay with people in NL (July Aug Sept etc... 2023) but also make friends in general with keywords listed below.

I'm also happy to hear what you do and what you need.

What I can offer:

  • Organising & Archiving (physical or digital material)
  • Collecting, Researching & Generating ideas together (Passionate about what others are passionate about)
  • “Content Creation” (advertising like-minded people, note taking, note-making, documenting / summarising…)
  • Communal Gardening (in cooperation with other people)
  • Assisting in (off-the-grid) Life (Philosophy)

What do I need:

  • Creative collaboration (in Croatia or Slovenia for July, August, September or online)
  • Food & place to stay
  • Inspiring contact for exploring together all the above topics

CONTACT: keepthespirit [@]

Please let someone know if you think we are a good match. Any websites etc also welcome...

Do I know anyone here?

For some context, Vesna recommends me as a good communicator and as a person to work with (personally and in person). We wrote this page together.


I am looking for any like-minded and equally passionate person like Vesna or group to stay with so I can do my usual self-propelled work at the same time as all other work (in Croatia right now but also beyond - offline or online in the future).

What is listed on this page can be expanded to what you do in life or care about, since much is relative and probably similar in essence and intention.

Finding some mutual topics is also about your own motivations and exploring them, not just expecting mine to match yours in this limited list.

I'm also happy to hear what you do or care about. What you think is important to me, not only towards friendship, but overall in humanity.