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TechInc Inventory
Description Laser Cutter on loan from Daan Uttien
Category Mechanics
Operational Status BROKEN
Super Users User:sjaan, User:mattronix
Received at 2014/01/31
Acquisition Details on temporary loan // as Daan is not a member anymore >> STATUS?
Owner Daan Uttien

This laser cutter has been given on temporary loan to TechInc by Daan.

It is to be used only by those who have received training to use it.


The laser cutter is a customized version of the HPC LS3020 with a 60 Watt C02 laser cutter and engraver. The electronics have been replaced with the LAOS laser electronics (link).

The laser cutter is currently networked and requires the user to install and configure Visicut(link) for usage.

Machine Maintainers

Should anything with the machine go wrong, please turn it off and contact one of the following >> NEEDS MORE MAINTAINERS / regular maintenance Djuttien Narya sjaan


You must have received training to use this machine.

Your laptop must have Visicut installed and be configured to talk to the printer, which is network enabled.

  • Step 1 - switch on the machine
  • Step 2 - check that the suction is switched on, and the water for the coolant is flowing
  • Step 3 - place material on bed, secure it if necessary
  • Step 4 - close lid, and 'execute' the print in visicut
  • Step 5 - watch the print carefully - DO NOT leave the laser cutter unattended - fire is a big risk
  • Step 6 - ...
  • Step 7 - PROFIT

Visicut Configuration

Settings for Cutting

Power should never be higher than 90%


The agreed cost has been set to 10 EUR per hour. This covers basic costs of things that need replacing, such as mirrors, laser tube, belts etc.


Regular maintenance to be undertaken should be

  • cleaning of mirrors
  • calibration of the Z height
  • check for damage to mirrors
  • checking belts for tension
  • checking calibration via known print (eg 10mm x 10mm cube)


Status 2019: cathode+anode cables are loose - graphite/difficult to solder

someone fixed/bypassed it using this:

we should order as it worked for above user

also it should be rotated a bit so the connectors face "up"

Since the machine is broken, we've started a pledge to buy a new laser tube. This might not be the only problem, it seems there's a firmware issue that needs looking at.

People who've pledged so far:


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