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Hi hive,

I was happy to find your nice public space this summer (2014). Hacking Themes that interest me are below , in case you would like to chat/collaborate on one please drop me an email.

Kids Education /Kids /parenting

  • I heard there are few parents in Hspace and that there were activities organized for kids.

How about making a workgroup to exchange views / book /methods/ plan some activities ? (I’m watching some interesting lectures at MOOC )


  • Replicating sugar extruder from prof. Jordan Miller (ACTIVE , 3D MendelMax + Custom extruder +.. will make a page soon )
  • Cheap version of Glasshouse climate regulator , helping neighbour (ACTIVE , Arduino + 5 sensors, will make a page soon )
  • In the Future  :

I hope to find someone to work on 1 OSE projects (e.g. PowerCube/ Plasma torch table/ Solar concentrator/ Microwave iron melting)

BioTech: plan sensor for one peptide in urine ... oh yeah andn Wiki skills improvement.


  • (Group) Dance: (Rueda) Salsa Open Source . If there are interested 3 males & 3 females (minimum ), we can start soon /weekly .
  • Games: board or outdoor , change old game game rules and turn them in collaborative one….
  • Future:

My wish list has also an item - crowdy Hspace in my village/town so will be looking for people in my area ( at some point I will bug you for tips ) .


  • Future: Urban gardening, Aquaponics …