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A list of pledges for equipment for our hackspace

Here is a form for new pledges, and here is a guide to running pledges

Current Pledge Drives

Name Specification Pledge Type Pledge Leader Target Running Total Image
Desktop-Sander-2022 A desktop-mounted static BELT and DISC sander to replace the mix of tools we have currently

Something like this:

Tools [[Justa|]] €135 €30
Makita-grinder2022 A makita grinder has been bought for 80 euros.

Justa would like to find funding for 60 euros of that total.

Tools [[Justa|]] €80 €55


Future Pledge Drives

The following pages are intended to collect ideas and information (such as costs) for future pledge drives and/or funding. For the moment they are not considered active. (When/if they become active we will change their state and announce them on the mailing list.)

Name Specification Pledge Type Pledge Leader Target Running Total Image
Bandzaaglint II Tools tux €65 €55

Completed Pledge Drives

Name Specification Pledge Type Pledge Leader Target Running Total Image
ACTA Open Windows Infrastructure Wizzup, User:Justa €500 €530
Air Water infra Air and water space infrastructure Infrastructure Ultratux €639 €639
BandsawBelt Belt(s) for our Bandsaw Tools Ultratux €18.75 €18.75
Bandzaaglint Tools tux €65 €65
Barbecue Infrastructure Ultratux €20 €20
Beer kegs Kegs for the space Beautifying [[|]] €110 €10
Bicycle Work Stand Tools [[Katje|]] €59.99 €70
Big Power Pledge Power line upgrade Infrastructure ter €568.5 €500
BlackToner Black toner cartridge for our laser printer Infrastructure Webmind €40 €40
Build material paint etc for new room make new room ready Infrastructure Narya €250 €250
Cerberus Cerberus 3D printer (parts) Project Ultratux €600 €60
Club Mate caffeinated carbonated mate-extract beverage Narya €0
Cordless drill Cordless drill, also sometimes referred to as 'Makita' Tools Ultratux €44 €44
Digispark Digisparks Amx109
Electronics Components II Infrastructure smoke €0
Fire Extinguishers Infrastructure Hp197 €130 €130
Foam fire extinguisher 6 liter foam fire extinguisher Infrastructure Phicoh €54.45 €54.45
Fusebox Infrastructure tux €50 €50
Hexagon stickers it sticks Promotion Narya €155 €80
Hot Air Gun 50-600°C Hot Air Gun Tools Dreamer €59 €59
Jigsaw + Handsaw Jigsaw + Handsaw Tools Wizzup €95 €85
Karcher vaccuum cleaner WD3200 Infrastructure Narya €79.14 €79.14
Kitchen Infrastructure Ultratux €310 €210
LASERCUT laser tube for the lasercutter Tools o €200 €35
LEDLightDistrict Project Guido €220 €283.92
Lathe Wood Chisels Set of 6 wood chisels for lathe Tools tux €50 €50
Make zine subscription Makezine subscription Webmind €60 €62.5
Moar Air Fans Moar_Air_Fans Infrastructure tux €70 €70
New 3d Printer Tools [[Katje|]] €350 €350
OKI Metcal PS-900 Solder station Infrastructure smoke €142 €142
Prusai3 3D Printer Amx109 €200 €220
RevSpace anniversary train tickets Project Voidz0r €54 €18
Service sewing machines repair (industrial) sewing machines Tools Narya €253.19 €253.19
SoldeerStago Stago kabelgoot op soldeerbench Infrastructure tux €40 €40
Solder supplies Solder Tools tux, Chotee €40 €47
Speaker repair Woofers for speakers Infrastructure tux €46 €56
Steekkar Tools Ultratux €63 €63
Steering wheel TechInc logo style Looks like TechInc logo Beautifying Narya €100 €105
Stickers 45mm September 2014 it sticks Promotion Narya €60 €60
Stickers January 2014 it sticks Promotion Narya €130 €81
Stickers for 29c3 Its sticky. It sticks Promotion Amx109 €155 €155
Stickers for OHM Stickers for OHM Promotion Phicoh €130.08 €130.08
Table Multimeter Philips Table multimeter Tools Ultratux €69 €69
Techinc clothing Techinc branded clothing Promotion Reese €0
Tools Bootstrap Tools Peter €500 €340
WiFi - Router Infrastructure Wizzup €70 €70
Wifi Link Leiden Wireles link to the wirelessleiden network Project Webmind €125 €125
Workbenches Donated by RevSpace: pledge finished ??? €0
Working Wild Cutter Plotter Making the Wild Thing Cut & Draw Again!

We just need some parts to complete it so you can Plot & Cut!

Tools Quinor €150 €165
Zeefdruk clothing reprise T-shirts and hoodies Promotion Ultratux €1,350 €1,350
flexi-fice flexible non-metal vice Tools Webmind €12 €12
hackerspace-passports Hackerspace Passports Beautifying asr €30 €70
plastic crates Plastic storage crates Infrastructure Ultratux €21 €21
second fridge Miele fridge 85cm high Ultratux €60 €60

Failed Pledge Drives

Name Specification Pledge Type Pledge Leader Target Running Total Image
3DDoodler Handheld 3D Printer Tools Amx109 €65 €15
AV for OOH Presentations AV Presentation tools Infrastructure Wizzup €600 €120
Air inlet tower fan Bestron Powertower Infrastructure tux €45 €27
Automatic-Reflow-Oven T962 Infrared SMD & BGA IC Automatic Reflow Oven UL Infrastructure Piele €200 €150
CO2 Fire extinguisher 5 kg CO2 fire extinguisher Infrastructure reman €110 €60
Dirty room expansion Infrastructure tux €150 €0
Electronics Components Realize a stock of general components Peter €55
Filament 3D Printing Filament Tools Arda Xi €80
LEDsDoIt Infrastructure tux €48 €0
Laboratory Power supply Tools Peter €120 €80
Lightswitch Hardware Infrastructure p €50 €45
Mig Welder Tools Webmind €200 €20
Presentation Infrastructure Infrastructure Peter €0
Projector aka Beamer projector Infrastructure Wizzup €400 €130
RevTrain anniversary v2.0 train tickets Muse €0
Router (bovenfrees) Router(wood) (Dutch: bovenfrees) Tools Ultratux €70 €7
Stickers September 2014 stickers Promotion Narya €130 €10
Talk Konnect Boxes Infrastructure Wizzup €165 €72.08
Ultimaker 3D Printer Amx109 €1,194 €130
new member boxes Member boxes, for boxing members Tools Voidz0r €-10 €10
second dishwasher Education tux €100 €0
test it's for testing! Beautifying Dreamer €100 €0