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Specification Cerberus 3D printer (parts)
Pledge Type Project
Pledge Leader User:Ultratux
Approximate Target €600
Running Total €60
Status Completed

I have started to build a delta printer. It still needs many parts

The item

  • New concept of a delta-robot-type 3D printer, using aluminum extrusions as rails and thread as drive mechanism

Budget estimation

  • Varies... because this is somewhat dynamic. I will list what we need though, below
  • Some items are very clearly priced, like the hotend for example.
  • Others not at all, if only for reason of quality differences and quantity (filament)
  • I may need to adjust/recalculate but preliminary information suggests that it has cost around 600 euros
  • Obviously not 100% precise because of rounding errors, some minor stock parts use, and buying larger quantities than req'd.


Apart from what I've already bought, it may need:

  • A heated bed, if possible round. Or else, a cold bed (glass plate)
  • An extruder, type Airtripper (bowden), direct drive, for filament 1,75mm
  • A hotend, for 1,75mm filament, 0.50mm extruder opening(*), from, ie. not some chinese knockoff clone shite.
  • Filament, PLA, 1,75mm. (What we have is 3mm, but that can't be used in a Cerberus)
  • Better stepper drivers than what we have now; they have a reputation of overheating problems.
  • Depending on heated bed, a much more powerful PSU than we have in stock (500VA / 700VA)

Additional information

To clarify the above requirements somewhat better:

  • A delta has a light carriage since it doesn't carry the extruder. Therefore, the extruder can be dimensioned very heavy and powerful. At the same time, the filament must be thin, because it passes a bowden tube, and that doesn't work well with 3mm filament. Since the carriage is so light, it can move very quickly. It can print very quickly too, provided that the hotend can keep up. For the hotend to keep up, you need a very high quality one with a 'large' extrusion opening (0.5mm) since it is much easier to push filament through a keyhole than it is to push it through a pinhole. And if the extruder or the hotend is underpowered or underdimensioned, all the speed the printer would be capable of goes to waste, because it won't be able to run at the top speed it could have attained.

Already purchased/invested

In order to build the completed prototype, the following materials were purchased by me already:

  • Aluminum extrusions: 75 euros
  • Custom-made CNC-manufactured coated bearings, pulleys and drive shafts: 115 euro incl. shipping from US
  • 4 stepper motors: 65 euros
  • Spectra(R) drive thread/filament: 20 euros
  • Misc metal and wood parts: 95 euros
  • Carbon fiber supports, bearings: 25 euros
  • PLA printed parts, rough estimate: 25 euros
  • Minitronics controllerboard from 80 euros
  • A spool of filament 1.75mm, blue, 1Kg from 17 euros
  • Parts for a (clone?) J-Head hotend and bowden cable and misc. parts from for... 60 euros
  • Experimental glass plate or alternatives: 20 euros


  • €0 -- Signor Moneybags
  • €20 -- AndreasR
  • €20 -- Narya (did not pay, transports stuff from/to ultratux' house to/from space instead)
  • €20 -- Chotee (paid, on 11 sept 2013)
  • €20 -- Branko (paid, 17 sept 2014)