Pledges/Dirty room expansion

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Pledge Type Infrastructure
Pledge Leader Ultratux
Approximate Target €150
Running Total €0
Status Failed

We are looking at building a little budget to facilitate the work on the dirty room

The items

While we're not exactly sure where the money will go, we'd likely need stuff like:

  • Wall paint
  • Wood paint (transparent beits)
  • Brushes etc.
  • Extra plywood for benches, other structures
  • Extra electricity outlets, 3-phase socket, etc.
  • Metalware like bolts, screws, heavy duty supports...
  • Protective wear
  • A nominal fee for (maybe) being able to dispose of the debris on the premises

Budget estimation

  • The estimation is based on nothing but wild guesses, but it will be >0 and <300


  • €0 -- Signor Moneybags