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Specification Realize a stock of general components
Pledge Leader User:Peter
Approximate Target
Running Total €55
Status Failed

A general list of things we need to bootstrap our space in terms of electronics components. There is a separate page for Tools.

So far this is just a list of ideas. There is not yet an open request for pledges to purchase electronics components.


category type description amount ordered by status
LED 100x R, Y, G, W & B LEDS 5mm 500-20000mcd 100 of each Justa delivered
LED 250x red,orange,green smd 1206 for PCB logo 250 of each Brainsmoke delivered
LED Segment displays red/green/yellow 8 each?
Resistors through hole 1/2 Watts 10Ω-1MΩ 50 each?
Resistors smd 10Ω-1MΩ , component books 100 each?
Resistors through hole resistor arrays  ???
Capacitors through hole 10pf - 450uf 30 each?
Capacitors smd component books 100+ each
Capacitors smd 18pF, 0603 (for facedancer) 100 Brainsmoke delivered
Capacitors thru 6.8nF for RFID-Reader 5pcs Justa Delivered
Capacitors thru 100nF ceramic cap for RFID/decoupling 30pcs Justa Delivered
Voltage regulators  ??  ??
Headers male, 1 x 40 2.54mm 50 Brainsmoke delivered
Headers male, 2 x 40 2.54mm 25
Headers male, 1 x 40 right angle 2.54mm 50
Socket DIP8 75
Socket DIP14 45
Socket DIP16 45
Socket DIP20 36
Socket DIP28 15
Socket DIP40 (wide) Ultratux delivered
IC attiny85 10
IC attiny4313 10
IC attiny26 10 Triaged
IC atmega168/328 10
IC AT90USB162-16AU AVR with USB circuitry (SMD) 2 Brainsmoke delivered
IC LPC2101 ARM MCU (SMD) 2 Brainsmoke delivered
IC PIC???  ??
IC 74HC595 shift register: serial in, parallel out 15 Brainsmoke delivered
IC TPIC5B595 shift register driver  ???
IC 74HC165 shift register: serial out, parallel in 10 Brainsmoke delivered
IC NE555 NE555! 100 the_JinX delivered
IC MAX232AEPE+ serial to ttl level interface (DIP) 6 dreamer delivered
IC MAX3222EPN+ dual serial to ttl level interface (DIP) 3 dreamer delivered
IC MAX485 RS-485 to ttl level interface 10 the_JinX delivered
IC FT232RL SSOP28 12 Brainsmoke delivered
IC MSP430F2274IDA TSSOP38 (DA) (for GoodFET31) sample if needed
IC MSP430F2618TPM QFP64 (for GoodFET41) sample if needed
LM324 SMD quad opamp for RFID-Reader 5 Justa Delivered
Chrystals 12MHz SMD 15 Brainsmoke delivered
Transistors NPN through hole 50?
Transistors PNP through hole 50?
N-MOSFET BSS138 smd 40 Brainsmoke delivered
P-MOSFET BSS84 smd 10 Brainsmoke delivered
Transistors NPN smd 50 Brainsmoke delivered
Transistors PNP smd 50 Brainsmoke delivered
Diodes 30x 1n4148 25x 1n4001 25x 1n4007 30x1n914 Justa Delivered
Zeners 3.3V 500mw 120 Justa Delivered
Mechanical Reed switches 10 Brainsmoke delivered
Mechanical toggle switches 10 Brainsmoke delivered
Potentiometers Linear many
Potentiometers Logarithmic few
PCBs photo sensitive 10x60mm, dual layer 10 Brainsmoke delivered
Desoldering wire braid 1.5m 1 Brainsmoke delivered