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Specification Moar_Air_Fans
Pledge Type Infrastructure
Pledge Leader ultratux
Approximate Target €70
Running Total €70
Status Completed

We are looking at purchasing bearings and fittings for an extra air exhaust fan

The things

4 new bearings, couple of pipe joints and pipe adapters

Budget estimation

Estimated at somewhere around 70 euros




  • €0 -- [[User:|Mr. Banker]]
  • €10 -- Chotee paid by Revbank
  • €5 -- bigmac
  • €10 -- Julf
  • €5 -- CodeAsm (paid cash, 24 june)
  • €10 -- sn0wcrash
  • €10 -- Brainsmoke (already paid!)
  • €10 -- Wally (already paid!)
  • €10 -- ultratux (already paid)

More info

[contents of email sent that initiated it]

With our expanding space and equipment we revised and installed a donated air fan in the server room a while ago. We have one other such fans which needs new bearings, and we have our primary source of air refreshment, our "Space fan" tucked high above the ceiling.

Now our space fan has suffered from broken/bad bearing from the start. We since have found out how to replace them (by complete disassembly). I suggest to buy new bearings for the 3rd fan we have, install those, replace the space fan by this 3rd fan, and also buy and install new bearings in that fan. That fan subsequently goes to get installed as supplemental exhaust fan for the laser cutter and the 3D printers.

Often the laser cutter needs all the suction there is, to keep the smoke from interfering with the laserbeam. This leads to all other inlets getting blocked off. This gets more and more tiresome, especially since often suction is needed at multiple spots simultaneously, like when painting, gluing, sawing, sanding, or printing with ABS. And the fans were already donated to us.

To make both fans optimally operational again, 4 bearings are needed. Exact price escapes me now, Piele knows. But I reckon something around 4x 8 euros = 32 euros. To install the 3rd fan on the laser cutter we'd need some 150/160mm T-joints, perhaps a few adapters 150->130mm and not much else. Perhaps 25 or 35 euros for that.

I'm willing to do most of the 'heavy lifting'; replace the bearings, (dis)mount and (re)install the fan(s), etc.

Would I get some funding support from some of you ? I can make a pledge. Laser cutter guys: this concerns you too; to get better, nicer more precise cuts, more powerful suction is essential.