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Nathan prusa.jpg
Specification 3D Printer
Pledge Leader User:amx109
Approximate Target €200
Running Total €220
Status Completed

We are looking at purchasing parts for Prusa3 3D printer for the space

The item

Budget estimation

  • 200 Euro?


  • 3D printer!

Additional information

From nathan 7:
I'm donating

  • a hotend
  • a set of mild steel smooth rods
  • belts
  • printed parts.
  • RAMPS v1.2

That leaves

  • threaded rods
  • a bunch of nuts and bolts
  • a few pieces of wood
  • pulleys - €18
  • motors
  • Arduino Mega (preferably cheap Chinese clone with ye olde FTDIs)
  • heated bed PCB - €30

Things that would be awesome:

  • Hardened steel smooth rods and LM8UUs - €40


Running total: 220