Pledges/AV for OOH Presentations

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Specification AV Presentation tools
Pledge Type Infrastructure
Pledge Leader User:Wizzup
Approximate Target €600
Running Total €120
Status Failed

We are looking at purchasing Presentation/AV tools for the Space.

This will feature a projector, combined with proper speakers and microphones for presentations. We will be setting up proper audio infrastructure for the space.

Total required: At least 600€

The item

  • Beamer / Projector (We aim for no more than 500€)
  • Various cables + microphone (at least 100€)


Beamer / Projector will serve as ... projector during the presentations.

  • We are looking for a projector that supports a resolution larger than SVGA (800x600). At least XGA (1024x768) or 720p.
  • We would prefer to buy a new projector rather than settle for a used one; especially since the lamp in the projector may have already reached its lifetime, and that is an extremely expensive part.
  • The projector shall have: VGA, HDMI, S-Video (two different ones) input; possible audio speakers (although we will probably not use them)
  • Aiming for 3000 lumen, must have at least 2000 lumen.

AV Cables are required for Projector and sound infra:

  • (long) HDMI Cable
  • Speaker cables.
  • (long) Audio cables.
  • Microphones and cables

Other items already brought by Wizzup & Ultratux:

  • Mixer
  • Amplifier
  • Speakers
  • (long) VGA Cable

Additional information

It would be nice to have this infrastructure ready before December, for the presentations week.


- DrWhax - €20,00
- stef - €100,00