Pledges/Cordless drill

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Specification Cordless drill, also sometimes referred to as 'Makita'
Pledge Type Tools
Pledge Leader user:Ultratux
Approximate Target €44
Running Total €44
Status Completed

We need a new cordless drill for the space

The item

  • A cordless drill with a modern toolless clutch

Budget estimation

  • Can be had second hand cheap but a bit tricky due to battery state


  • Allround drill / screwdriver for when you need it to be mobile & light

Additional information

  • Our current one has a dead battery. Amx109 offered to bring in old batteries he has, but knowing the age of those batteries, those will be dead already too, or as the one we have, will die a quick death once they get a few charges & discharges under their belt... I don't have faith in this solution. And the batteries aren't brought in yet, either.


  • €9 -- Ultratux <paid>
  • €15 -- Mariejel <paid>
  • €5 -- Arda Xi <paid>
  • €5 -- nathan7
  • €5 -- Wizzup <paid>
  • €5 -- Brainsmoke <paid>