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Specification Belt(s) for our Bandsaw
Pledge Type Tools
Pledge Leader user:Ultratux
Approximate Target €18.75
Running Total €18.75
Status Completed

We are looking at purchasing drive belts for the bandsaw

The item

  • 3 pcs of custom-made drive belt

Budget estimation

  • Last quote was about 50 euros incl. shipping and VAT iirc
  • If we attempt the weld ourselves, enough material to try three times costs 18,50. I ordered today.

Additional info

  • It was again proposed to buy a length of stuff and somehow fuse it ourselves.
  • Since the pledge is now overcomplete, I suggest to each lower our pledged amount to 6,25 euros... okay?


  • It will repair our bandsaw and provide future spares


  • €0 -- Signor Moneybags
  • €6,25 -- Ultratux Vestzak, broekzak
  • €6,25 -- Hamish Paid cash on Wed May 08
  • €6,25 -- Sjaan Paid cash on Wed Okt 09