Pledges/RevTrain anniversary v2.0

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Pledges/RevTrain anniversary v2.0
Date 2014/01/25
Location Revspace
Type Party
Contact Muse

Specification train tickets
Pledge Type
"Event" is not in the list (Education, Infrastructure, Beautifying, Promotion, Tools, Project) of allowed values for the "PledgeType" property.
Pledge Leader Muse
Approximate Target €55 - 70
"-70" can not be assigned to a declared number type with value 55.
Running Total €0
Status Failed

Pledge cancelled due to overwhelming carpooling succes

Text below is left for reference or if someone likes to restart it.

RevSpace BBQ traveling pool

We're creating a pool to get a substantial discount while traveling with the NS. This reduces the price from €22,-* to €7-€13,75 - per person. There are no restrictions on your plans, except date and arrival station.

You get to specify your own departure station and print your own ticket on the NS website.

Paying during/after the event is perfectly acceptable.

Training instructions

  • Person Y buys a coupon for n people.
  • You receive email from Person Y with one-time use couponcode.
  • You go here: and select "I want to enter a coupon code"
  • You print the pdf and do your part in deforestation. Unfortunately the NS, besides hating travelers, also hates trees.
  • You terminate at Voorburg
  • Walking directions:
  • You pay person Y couponprice/n

When you print your ticket, it should look like this: Eticket.jpg


Add yourself to the list and make sure we can reach you so you can receive your ticket.

*: When departing from Amsterdam Centraal
†: Assuming 10 participants, Most cheapness will be achieved at pledgers%10 == 0