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Specification Techinc branded clothing
Pledge Type Promotion
Pledge Leader User:Reese
Approximate Target
Running Total €0
Status Completed

We are printing tshirts, hoodies, etc - branded techinc merchandise

The item

  • Hoodies
  • T-shirts


  • Various people sponsored some items. It means: paying for T-shirts/etc in advance, which Techinc will try to sell at events etc. The profit, if any, should go to the party risking to get stuck with any unsold stock, so that could be Techinc or it could be the sponsor, depending on the conditions of such a deal.
  • We still have to decide on the price for which we can sell them, and/or whether having no or very low margin is acceptable.


  • Hoodies are going to be with large full colour logo in the back and small text in the front.
  • T-shirts are the other way round; large full colour logo in the front, large text on the back.




  • Hoodies: 50 euros
  • T-shirt: 24 euros


If you KNOW your order has gone through, would you please pay for your order before the open day Sat March 30th. We would like to handle payments by bank exclusively, because that leaves a clear 'paper trail' so there will be no confusion about whether payment was made or not.
How can you be certain your order went through?

  • If your order is on the screenshot of the dudle that Maarten emailed on March 19, 19:12, it is ordered.
  • If your order is marked in the below list with Confirmed it is ordered.
  • In all other cases, please contact the pledge leader or ultratux

When making payment, please clearly state: (1) Same name or nickname that you used when ordering, (2) mention "Clothing".
Use the folowing bank account: M.J.H van den Berg, Amsterdam, IBAN NL43ABNA0531978826


  • realitygaps - 1 Hoodie (Black) M T-shirt (color) Confirmed
  • the_JinX - 1 Tshirt (Black) XL, 1 Hoodie (Black) XL (both full color). Sponsoring 1 shirt to give to fellow hackers ;) Confirmed
  • Wizzup - 1 T-shirt (Black) XL, 1 Hoodie (Black) XL Confirmed
  • ultratux - 1 T-shirt black L, 1 T-shirt grey L, 1 Hoodie grey M (all full color) Confirmed
  • ultratux - inquire availability of caps ?
  • Narya - 1 t-shirt woman black L (only if it is a fitted shirt, but I'll sponsor this one if it is not possible). Sponsoring 2 shirts Confirmed
  • Hamish - 1 Hoodie black M Confirmed
  • madeddie - 1 Tshirt (black) XL, 1 Hoodie (black) XL Confirmed
  • HakIT - min 1 Hoodie non-white L (Full color?) - 1 Knuffelhacker(s) Hoodie thing
  • ultratux - Prepared to sponsor (see definition above) up to twenty T-shirts, depending on price and margin
  • Stef - 1 Hoodie grey L (full color), unless we get some other options that arent tshirt/hoodie
  • Turiphro - 1 Tshirt (black/dark blue/dark green?) M, 1 Hoodie (idem colour) if not too expensive
  • Mariejel - 1 Hoodie black S/M, 1 t-shirt woman grey S/M, willing to sponsor two extra t-shirts Confirmed
  • diggie - 1 t-shirt (some dark color, not black w/ color print) in XL
  • Mischa - 1 T-Shirt XL (full coulor, black), 1 Hoodie XL (full colour, black)
  • Vynka - 1 T-Shirt XXXL (full coulor, black), 1 Hoodie XXXL (full colour, black)
  • WinSCaP - 1 Tshirt (Black or dark color) XXL (full color no print on back?) Confirmed
  • Justa - 1 T-shirt (color print, Black or Dark Color material) XL and one hoodie (Color print, dark or black material WITH ZIPPER ONLY) size XL; will sponsor 2 shirts Confirmed
  • Melanie - 1 women's L (black). If that is not possible, then 1 men's M (black)
  • Aswin - 1 T-Shirt XXXL, 1 Hoodie XXXL Black or any other dark color. Confirmed
  • AndreasR - 1 T-Shirt XL, 1 Hoodie XL
  • epidemik - 1x T-Shirt (Black, Large), 1x Hoodie (Black, Large)
  • Becha, 1x T-shirt, black or "petrol" ;-) , female, L Confirmed
  • sjaan - 1 T-Shirt L (full coulor, black), 1 Hoodie L (full colour, black) Confirmed
  • Chotee - 1 T-Shirt L (color print, Gray) Confirmed