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Pledge Type Tools
Pledge Leader ultratux
Approximate Target €65
Running Total €65
Status Completed

The item

  • 3 stuks koolstof lintzagen voor het zagen van hout, kunststof en non ferro metalen

Budget estimation

  • 16.40 x3 plus transport = 57.15


  • length 1783mm, width 6mm


I ordered on the 26th, got auto-confirmation, but haven't heard back from the seller yet. Sent an email today => bounced back 'cause of whitelist' WTF o_O
Then, left seller a message by way of contact form on his website. Googled a bit => not optimistic: apparently is slow to reply to emails, packages sometimes do not arrive (or much later(?), but it seems not an outright scammer. More misc complaints.
Looked up address on google street view; it's a regular house (ie. not commercial real estate), looks a tad unkept. Still, all could still be fine, not all webshop owners have time or interest to mow lawn and prune tree branches.
However, if he requests payment up front, I'm very reluctant doing that. We will have to see how this one plays out... :-(

I've sent seller an ultimatum last week to which no reply came. So today I have annihilated the purchase, or whatever that is in legalese English. We now need to find an alternative source, hope the budget allows for it, and order there... :-(

I ordered at a different vendor. He could get me 5 saws for 65,- which I agreed to. Julf helped reaching the new goal.


  • €5 -- brainsmoke
  • €5 -- chotee
  • €10 -- justa Paid cash 19 Feb 2014
  • €12,80 -- ultratux
  • €10 -- Control-K
  • €10 -- JinX
  • €2,20 -- MrSeeker
  • €10 -- Julf Paid cash 19 Feb 2014