Pledges/Bicycle Work Stand

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Pledge Type Tools
Pledge Leader Katje
Approximate Target €59.99
Running Total €70
Status Completed

We are looking at purchasing a Bike Work Stand (Montagestandaard) for the space

We have now purchased the bike work stand. We managed the €85 stretch goal. The names of all those who pledged is on a label attached to the stand.

The item

  • Target: B-Twin work stand
  • A simple no nonsense stand for holding your bike while you work on it. At €60, if 6 of us can pledge €10, it should be very achievable. If we can get to €85, then the stretch goal is to buy a slightly better stand.
  • Stretch goal: Elite team work stand

Budget estimation

  • €59.99 - €84.99


  • Hold a bike while we work on it.

Additional information

  • As with any new tool for the space the question will be asked where will we store it. The intention is hanging it from the ceiling in the aux space when the stand is not in use.


  • €10 -- Katje
  • €10 -- webmind
  • €10 -- sproet
  • €10 -- Maikel
  • €10 -- Oberoid
  • €10 -- ro5k0
  • €10 -- bigmac
  • €10 -- s0s