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Here's a list of suppliers we use.


Item Description Operational Status Super Users Owner
AT Power supply AT power supply Working Ultratux ACTA
AVR ISP DIP Targetboard AVR ISP Target board for common DIP AVR chips Working Brainsmoke User:Brainsmoke
Arbitrary Function Generator Arbitrary Function Generator Working Chotee Chotee
AuthenTec-RFID-reader RFID reader Working Alboe
Baytech RPC28A Serial controlled power bar Working Axello Technologia Incognita
CCC Sputnik Active Programmable RFID Tag Working User:Webmind
CPE boxes Loads of CPE stuff Functional Technologia Incognita
Delta 1200S24 Power Supply Delta 1200 S 24 Power Supply Technologia Incognita
Desoldering Iron Desoldering Iron Working User:Webmind
Digital Storage Oscilloscope 50Mhz, 2 channels, 1M sample memory Working User:Chotee
Dual Axis Magnetic Sensor Digital Compas module User:Webmind
Fasttrax GPS module Serial GPS Module User:Webmind
Goodfets Goodfets / Facedancer Working Brainsmoke, RTFM Technologia Incognita
HP 1662A Logic Analyzer Logic Analyzer Working [[]]
Lab Power Supply:Altai HEP-613 0-30v 0-2.5A DC lab power supply Working User:Phicoh
Laser Engraver Laser Engraver Working Wally, Daan, Justa User:Wally
Loeplamp Loeplamp Working Ultratux User:Ultratux
Loeplamp-2 loeplamp Working Ultratux Technologia Incognita
Multimeter Many feature multimeter with serial out Working Webmind User:Webmind
OmniKey RFID Reader RFID/Smartcard reader Working User:Webmind
OpenBench LogicSniffer Logic Analyzer with USB interface Working The JinX User:The JinX
Oscilloscope Oscilloscope 20MHz Working Ultratux User:Ultratux
RPB+ Remote Power Boot Switch Working ACTA
Regulated power supply Laboratory bench supply Working User:Chotee
SMD Rework Station SMD Reworkstation Working User:Webmind
SOIC AVR Programmer Adapter SOIC Programmer Adapter for AVR ISPs [[]]
Soldeerdampzuiger Soldeerdamp afzuiger Working Ultratux User:Ultratux
Soldering Station Temprature controlled soldering station Working Webmind User:Webmind
Soldering Station:Weller PU 81 Weller PU 81 soldering station Working User:Phicoh
USBTinyISP AVR Programmer AVR Programmer Working User:Webmind
USBTinyISP AVR Programmer (II) AVR Programmer Working Brainsmoke User:Brainsmoke
Weller Weller/Custom 3-way soldering station Working Ultratux User:Ultratux



Item Description Operational Status Super Users Owner
Angle Grinder / Haakse slijper Grinding tool - handle with care Working User:Cyberdutch
BandSaw Huvema HU-360BS bandsaw Working Ultratux Technologia Incognita
Circular plate sawtable Circular table saw for thin plate materials Working Ultratux, Remko Remko
Compressor Air compressor Working Technologia Incognita
Grinder Grinder Working DarkRiddle Technologia Incognita
Jigsaw Electric Jig saw Working Wizzup Wizzup, for now...
Key duplication machine Key duplication machine Functional Einstein Einstein
Kinzo 400watt Lathe Wood-turning lathe Working Justa erwin-c64 Technologia Incognita
Kolomboor Kolomboor (Drill Press) Working Ultratux User:Ultratux
LAOSLaserCutter Laser Cutter on loan from Daan Uttien BROKEN Amx109, Narya Daan Uttien
LaserCutter It cuts with lasers Functional User:Justa
MitreSaw Topcraft Mitre Saw. For sawing things. mostly wood Working Amx109 Technologia Incognita
Namakita Cordless drill clone Working Ultratux Technologia Incognita
PlaneSander Mechanical Plane Sander Working Amx109 [[]]
PowerDrill Power Drill. It makes holes in ALL the things Working Amx109, Brainsmoke, Justa, Ultratux Technologia Incognita
PraxisCordlessDrill Cordless Drill BROKEN Ultratux Technologia Incognita
Proxxon Mini Mill Proxxon Mini Mill Functional Justa User:Justa
ScrollSaw Scroll Saw BROKEN Amx109 Technologia Incognita
ShapeOko2 CNC ShapeOko 2 CNC BROKEN Wally User:Wally
ShapeokoCNC Shapeoko Light CNC BROKEN User:Peter
Wild TA-10 Vinyl Cutting Plotter Functional Justa Technologia Incognita
Wood-router, FERM FERM wood-router Working Justa Justa



Item Description Operational Status Super Users Owner
Behringer BCR-2000 MIDI Controller Working User:Realitygaps
Elcheapo digicam Cheap Digital Camera Working Technologia Incognita
Philips Audio Speakers Philips Speakers Working User:Realitygaps
Philips HUE Three RGB led lights and a base station Working The JinX User:The JinX
Roland PC-160A Midi Keyboard and Controller Working User:Realitygaps
Showtec/LEDpar56 RGB DMX-lights Functional Technologia Incognita
USB-Midi-Cable USB 2 Midi Cable Working User:Webmind
Yamaha 03D Audio Mixer Audio Mixer Working User:Wizzup



Item Description Operational Status Super Users Owner
Kinect for Windows Kinect Primesense device Working [[]]
PS2 Playstation 2 Console Functional Technologia Incognita
Retro Replay C64 Retro Replay Working User:Webmind
Wii Mote Wiimote + Nunchucks Working User:Webmind



Item Description Operational Status Super Users Owner
HP Color LaserJet 1600 HP Color Laserjet 1600 Working Technologia Incognita
HP Color LaserJet 2605dn HP Color Laserjet 2605dn Working Muse, Narya Technologia Incognita
Label printer Label Printer Working Brainsmoke User:Brainsmoke
Laserjet-4050TN HP LaserJet 4050TN networked b/w laserprinter Working Justa Justa
Receipt printer Thermal Receipt Printer Working User:Mr seeker



Item Description Operational Status Super Users Owner
Industrial sewing machine stitches things (fabric, fingers, ...) Working Narya, Braam, Bigmac Braam, Bigmac
Locker moved to another location Working Narya User:Narya
Sewing machine Pfaff 1222E Working Narya User:Narya
Sewing machine Pfaff 6 straight stitches Working Becha, Narya ??
Sewing machine Singer 287 Zigzag sewing machine Working Becha, Narya ??



Item Description Operational Status Super Users Owner
Cerberups 3D printer Delta 3D printer Working Ultratux, Narya Ultratux
Cyclades-TS800 Console Server Working Einstein, Dreamer User:Einstein
DishWasher Dishwasher Working [[]]
Ecix tea cups tea cup with blue tactile velvety heat-resistant holder Working Becha User:Becha
ElectricKiln Electric Kiln BROKEN Amx109 [[]]
Frigate Laser cutted frigate [[]]
FritzBox 3170 Fritz Box modem/wifi router Working Antony
HF/VHF/UHF HAM Radio The HAM radio we have at Techinc Working Cmpxchg, Techwolf12 User:Cmpxchg
Hp ProCurve 2824 28 port managed gbit ethernet switch Working Technologia Incognita
Lulzbot TAZ 3D Printer XYZ gantry-based 3D printer; single extruder BROKEN Justa, Nathan7, Amx109 Technologia Incognita
Mikrotik RB750G small Router / Switch Working Technologia Incognita
Philips Saeco Espresso machine BROKEN Technologia Incognita
Prusai3 3d Printer BROKEN Amx109, Nathan7 Technologia Incognita
Top Craft Welder Top Craft Arc Welder Working Amx109 Maurice Bos
Welding Mask welding mask Working Amx109 Maurice Bos