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TechInc Inventory
Description Electric Kiln
Make unkown
Model unknown
Category Other
Operational Status BROKEN
Super Users User:Amx109
Received at 2012/10/05
Acquisition Details no longer in our possession: gifted to other space while still broken
Owner techinc

currently non functioning. elements are broken.

a fix needs to be investigated, and an area assigned in the space for use

Justa here: having tracked this model down via pictures on Google and then to a dutch supplier, this seems to be a Keramikos oven; built/OEM'ed by a company in Haarlem, Holland , called, you guessed it [[1]].

According to references elsewhere, Keramikos will [happily revise broken ovens]; the heat-elements are the things that typically wear out over time. In their webshop they also seem to sell some [wire] that seems to be stuff you'd make/wind a spiral from.

These ovens went for more than 1000 euro new; currently are still sold on the second-hand market for around 300 euro.

It might be smart to make a decision on this thing wether we'd like to play with it (and thus repair it) or toss it (thus sell it)

I am rather psyched about such a thing as this in the space; but ... can we even use it, safely ? Perhaps with the suction now in the space *and* a covering over the carpet ? However it may be; [RTFM!]