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TechInc Inventory
Description Goodfets / Facedancer
Model Goodfets 41 and 31 and a Facedancer11
Manufacturer Link
Category Electronics
Operational Status Working
Super Users User:Brainsmoke, RTFM
Received at 2013/01/31
Acquisition Details boards given by a neighbourly neighbour, msp's sampled, other parts ordere
Owner Technologia Incognita


Texas instuments

MSP430F2618TPMR (goodfet 4X, facedancer)

MSP430F2274IDAR (goodfet 3X)


MAX3421EEHJ+ (for the facedancer 20) (ie. the TQFP version of the MAX3421E)

MAX3420EECJ+ (for the facedancer 11)

from (ie. the LQFP, 32 pin version of the MAX3420E)