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TechInc Inventory
Description It cuts with lasers
Make Rabbit Laser
Model HX-40A
Category Mechanics
Operational Status BROKEN
Super Users Justa
Received at
Acquisition Details On permanent loan from Justa
Owner User:Justa


That one belongs to 'sawugo' and is documented here:

Change History

- full rewrite of info on 2021-12-23

Short introduction

The lasercutter is a HX40A engraver/cutter, fitted with a 40Watt laser-tube, a small XY-table and originally comes with a controller-board for which only WinXP software exists that requires a PC with special USB-dongles for the license required by the software. The controller-board has all markings sanded off of all the chips and it is connected to the PC with the paralel-port like it is still 1989..

That'd not be so bad, if the software even did a good job of controlling the laser; which it doesnt. It is a nightmare.

The intention for the machine is to convert it to something modern. This work is in progress and is documented here.


  • Replace driver-board with [Makerbase MKS-DLC32 board] ESP32 based driver-board
    • Get optical end-stops to work.
    • Get LCD-module mounted on front-panel (requires bezel and/or longer cables)
    • Test PWM-driving of laser-PSU via optocoupled 2-wire interface (see wiring-details)
  • Set up self-contained water-cooling arrangement using PC-cooling radiators.
    • Find suitable water-basin
    • Purchase submersible pump and wire it so it is on when machine is turned on.
    • Consider design for flow/temp-alarm circuit (that would trigger shut-off)
  • Re-work the laser-delivery head into one with Air-assist.
    • Purchase air-assist laser-delivery head as a replacement OR modify current head
    • Purchase and mount air-pump; create wiring for it . Consider 'turn on' when starting to cut, not 'always'
    • Consider chain-link cable-guide for air-delivery tube
  • Align gantry after last modifications
    • Gantry has been removed and might need another removal
    • Align using the 'ABC' method, using painter-tape, or consider a 'reverse' method with laser pointing from 'head' back to tube
  • Look at Z-bed mechanics
    • Current bed is hard to adjust and is manual. Purchasing an extra stepper , some guide-pullies and a longer belt would allow for auto-adjust via software.
  • Consider FluidNC firmware instead of current firmware
    • This is very likely to work without problems; requires careful flashing.
    • Might need patches to support LCD , if possible at all

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