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TechInc Inventory
Description It cuts with lasers
Make Rabbit Laser
Model HX-40A
Category Mechanics
Operational Status Functional
Super Users Justa, beatskip
Received at
Acquisition Details On permanent loan from Justa
Owner User:Justa


That one belongs to 'sawugo' and is documented here:

Change History

- updated page with latest developments in Dec-2022 (Beatskip) - full rewrite of info on 2021-12-23

Short introduction

The lasercutter is a HX40A engraver/cutter, fitted with a 40Watt laser-tube, a small XY-table and originally comes with a controller-board for which only WinXP software exists that requires a PC with special USB-dongles for the license required by the software. The controller-board has all markings sanded off of all the chips and it is connected to the PC with the paralel-port like it is still 1989..

That'd not be so bad, if the software even did a good job of controlling the laser; which it doesnt. It is a nightmare.

The intention for the machine is to convert it to something modern. This work is in progress and is documented here.


  • Replace driver-board with [Makerbase MKS-DLC32 board] ESP32 based driver-board
    • checked box Get optical end-stops to work.
    • checked box Get LCD-module mounted on front-panel (requires bezel and/or longer cables)
    • unchecked box Test PWM-driving of laser-PSU via optocoupled 2-wire interface (see wiring-details)
  • Set up self-contained water-cooling arrangement using PC-cooling radiators.
    • checked box Find suitable water-basin
    • checked box Purchase submersible pump and wire it so it is on when machine is turned on.
    • unchecked box Design laser safety controller to prevent abuse of the laser LaserCutter: Laser Cooling Monitor
  • Re-work the laser-delivery head into one with Air-assist.
    • unchecked box Purchase air-assist laser-delivery head as a replacement OR modify current head
    • unchecked box Purchase and mount air-pump; create wiring for it . Consider 'turn on' when starting to cut, not 'always'
    • unchecked box Consider chain-link cable-guide for air-delivery tube

Laminar flow Air-assist nozzle prototype design V1

Airassistv1-alt.png Airassistv1.png

  • Align gantry after last modifications
    • unchecked box Gantry has been removed and might need another removal
    • unchecked box Align using the 'ABC' method, using painter-tape, or consider a 'reverse' method with laser pointing from 'head' back to tube
  • Look at Z-bed mechanics
    • checked box Look at bed mechanics and fix the problematic clearings
    • unchecked box Current bed is hard to adjust and is manual. Purchasing an extra stepper , some guide-pullies and a longer belt would allow for auto-adjust via software.
  • Consider FluidNC firmware instead of current firmware
    • This is very likely to work without problems; requires careful flashing.
    • Might need patches to support LCD , if possible at all
  • Consider Web interface running on a Pi to simplify usage

Usage/setup details

First of all, until the laser is fully operational and tested/validated. the laser is not yet freely useable, only when properly communicated with Justa or beatskip. It should be up and running relatively soon, so just hang tight a bit longer to laze your eyes out.

the lasercutter uses a MKS DLC32 controller together with a Pi2 running laserweb. It is accessible over the network as: "https://laziemclazeface.local" user: lazie password: youllburnyoureyesout

please do not fiddle with the pi until everything is validated and safety features are added, for both the user and the machine itself.


Here is a short list of the tasks that have to be performed and which have been done already:

  • unchecked box (T.B.D) Create user manual and usage guidelines
  • unchecked box (15-01-2023) Add Air Assist
  • unchecked box (15-01-2023) Install head camera
  • checked box (13-01-2023) Purchase new Camera to attach to head
  • checked box (12-01-2023) Add PC to run LaserWeb
  • checked box (11-01-2023) Add additional end-stops to prevent any crashes (especially with Air-Assist)
  • checked box (12-01-2023) Purchase LaseWeb License
  • checked box (02-01-2023) Replaced 24V supply with 12V to stop motors skipping steps
  • checked box (28-12-2022) Fine bed leveling
  • checked box (28-12-2022) test PWM laser control
  • checked box (21-12-2022) Collimate laser
  • checked box (21-12-2022) Set up design plan for cooling system protection pcb
  • checked box (21-12-2022) Wire up auxilary 12V supply to pump and fans
  • checked box (18-12-2022) Added Project page for the cooling safety board LaserCutter: Laser Cooling Monitor
  • checked box (17-12-2022) Mount additional 12V PSU for the cooling system and wire it up to share the main power connector
  • checked box (14-12-2022) Fix Homing coordinates and general firmware config issues
  • checked box (14-12-2022) Fix up stepper motor connection that occasionally doesn't work
  • checked box (07-12-2022) Rough bed leveling
  • checked box (07-12-2022) Fix Z-Bed clearances and fix it so it can move freely
  • checked box (03-12-2022) Mount LCD housing
  • checked box (01-12-2022) Design and print LCD housing

Status Log

11-01-2023 - PC setup and Camera tests

The laser control PC was set up with Ubuntu and Lightburn was set up to control the lasercutter. Endstops were added on both sides of the X-Axis. Since the MKS DLC32 does not accept separate endstops for the minimum and maximum of the axis, both were wired in series on the NC terminals. This will result in a trigger signal in the controller if either one of the two endstops is triggered. This seems to be working perfectly and will prevent the future air assist nozzle from being bumped off due to the frame edge. some additional testing was done to refine laser power settings.


Lightburn has support for a head mounted camera to scan the working area and place designs on the right place. This will allow people to most effectively use the available materials with as little waste as possible. Also scanning the location of objects to be engraved is possible.

Camera-test-setup.jpg Lightburn-test-cam-20230111.jpg Lightburn-align-test-20230111.jpg

A new camera for this purpose was purchased, as the testing camera was way insufficient. the new camera is a 5MP OV5640 module with AutoFocus and usb 2.0. The resolution is 2592x1944 pixels. The result will be an approximate 0.03mm per pixel when mounted to the laser head. Tests will show if we can utilize the autofocus data to determine the bed height. If the autofocus data is not sufficient, a laser can be added in the view to triangulate the bed height.


This camera will arrive the jan 14th 2023 and will be installed as soon as possible. the usb cable will be replaced with a flat flex cable that rolls over the axis and the camera itself will be mounted as close to the laser as possible to minimize the loss in working area.

Latest Results / Photo gallery

Latest rastering tests by PIx13 and Beatskip



IMG 0970.JPG

IMG 0971.JPG