Philips HUE

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TechInc Inventory
Description Three RGB led lights and a base station
Make Philips
Model Hue LED lamp - Starter Pack
Manufacturer Link
Category AudioVideo
Operational Status BROKEN
Super Users User:the_JinX
Received at 2013/12/21
Acquisition Details Loan
Owner User:the_JinX

Philips hue connected bulbs and bridge let you to take full control of your lighting. Whatever you want to do with your lighting, hue can.

Base Station is in the server room.

For API documentation:

URL for API:


So the philps HUE is cloud controlled and that sucks so i added an iptables rule on our firewall (/root/iptables/ that blocks the thing from talking to philips. The philips app and website will only work when you are on the techinc network :).

See also: Huelights


HuePl is a CLI script to control the lights.

% wget -O ~/bin/huepl
% chmod a+x ~/bin/huepl
% echo 0123456789abdcef0123456789abcdef > ~/.hueplkey
% huepl for 1 2 3 do on
% huepl for 1 2 3 do white
% huepl for 1 2 3 do bri 64
% huepl lights
light 1     on true     bri 64   colormode hs   hs 0 0
light 2     on true     bri 64   colormode hs   hs 0 0
light 3     on true     bri 64   colormode hs   hs 0 0