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TechInc Inventory
Description Huvema HU-360BS bandsaw
Make Huvema
Model HU-360BS
Manufacturer Link
Category Mechanics
Operational Status BROKEN
Super Users User:ultratux
Received at 2012/11/20
Acquisition Details donated
Owner TechInc

I have created a belt and put it on. It works!

After that I have cleaned it with water and sponge and also compressed air. I still have planned to complete all the required maintenance as should be outlined in the manual. I will also try and determine what all parts do in the rolled-up tool pouch.

Furthermore, I am pondering whether an extra emergency-stop button (same model as used on the space fan) would be a nice addition. But I see that not having very much use, since after cutting the power the saw runs on for 5-8 seconds anyway. What do you guys think ?

Please treat this contraption as the most dangerous woodworking tool in the space, probably surpassing even the circular saw in killing/maiming potential. THIS IS NOT A TOY !

Before use, check your neck ties and hoodie straps and jewellery etc at the door. Careful with long hair. Take care to never stress the saw blade by trying rounding sharper corners or higher material velocities than advised; If the saw breaks, who knows where the broken end will be launched towards. Wear protective eyewear at the very minimum. Make sure your workspace is clutter-free

Get acquainted / trained with the machine before attempting to change operating speed or type of saw band (we have 3 different saw bands).
Ultratux 23:22, 6 May 2013 (CEST)