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Social:2012-10-31 special: with TUS31 October 2012(h)ACTASocialBecha
Social:2012-11-077 November 2012ACTASocialContact
Plausible Deniability Hackday10 November 2012ACTAHackathonDrWhax
Broedplaatsendag10 November 2012ACTAOtherDrWhax
Social:2012-11-1414 November 2012ACTASocialContact
Social:2012-11-2121 November 2012ACTASocialContact 15 year party22 November 2012UvAOtherBecha
Social:2012-11-2828 November 2012ACTASocialContact
Cryptoparty23 December 2012ACTAWorkshopDrWhax
Soldering Workshop by Mitch Altman4 December 2012ACTAWorkshopDrWhax
Sinterklaas 20125 December 2012(h)ACTAFestivalBecha
Social:2012-12-055 December 2012ACTASocialBecha
IPv6 evening6 December 2012ACTALectureBecha
Lockpicking Workshop7 December 2012ACTAWorkshopWebmind
OOH8 December 2012ACTACongressDrWhax
ALV 2012 12 088 December 2012ACTAMeetingOrganisation
Opening Party8 December 2012ACTAFestivalAmx109
Social:2012-12-1212 December 2012ACTASocialBecha
Social:2012-12-1919 December 2012ACTASocialBecha
Social:2012-12-26 special: 2nd Xmas day26 December 2012ACTASocialBecha
Social:2013-01-022 January 2013ACTASocialBecha
Kids in space:2013-01-022 January 2013ACTAWorkshopBecha
MiniMembersMeeting:January20139 January 2013ACTAMeetingBecha
Social:2013-01-1616 January 2013actaSocialBecha
Social:2013-01-2323 January 2013ACTASocialBecha
Social:2013-01-3030 January 2013ACTASocialBecha
Tinkering Evening: Vinyl Cutting Plotter31 January 2013ACTAWorkshopPeter
Social:2013-02-066 February 2013ACTASocialBecha
Hackerspace Ladies Night, Episode 18 February 2013ACTAMeetingBecha
Blender/Movie:TearsOfSteel9 February 2013ACTAOtherBecha
MiniMembersMeeting:February201313 February 2013ACTAMeetingBecha
Social:2013-02-1313 February 2013ACTASocialBecha
Wonderful Wiki Workshop14 February 2013ACTAWorkshopDreamer
Tinkering Day: OYO E-Reader18 February 2013ACTAHackathonWebmind
Sewing workshop part I21 February 2013ACTAWorkshopNarya
Social:2013-02-2727 February 2013ActaSocialBecha
Sewing workshop part II28 February 2013ACTAWorkshopNarya
Software Sunday: Linux Workshop3 March 2013ACTAWorkshopRealitygaps
Social:2013-03-066 March 2013actaSocialBecha
Sewing workshop part III7 March 2013ACTAWorkshopNarya
International Women Day 20138 March 2013actaOtherBecha
MiniMembersMeeting:March201313 March 2013ACTAMeetingBecha
Social:2013-03-1313 March 2013actaSocialBecha
Sewing workshop part IV14 March 2013ACTAWorkshopNarya
Borrel The Internaut Cookbook15 March 2013actaPartyBecha
Young Hackspace First Edition17 March 2013ACTAWorkshopAmx109
ICTF 201322 March 2013ACTAHackathonBrainsmoke
UnlikeUs3Hackathon24 March 2013MediaLabHackathonBecha
HITB2013AMS Volunteer meeting28 March 2013ACTAOtherDrWhax
Dutch Open Hackerspaces Day 201330 March 2013ACTAFestivalRealitygaps