ALV December 2012

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ALV December 2012
Date 2012-12-08
Time 15:00
Location ACTA
Contact Board
Minutes ALV December 2012/Minutes
ALV December 2012
Date 2012-12-08
Time 15:00
Location ACTA
Type Meeting
Contact Board

Below is the stated agenda for the proposed ALV on the 8th December 2012.

This will take place from 15:00 to 16:00.



Board re-elections

The board has the legal responsibility to sign contracts, is NOT financially liable for any matters it acts on with member approval or a mandate from the members but CAN be blamed for misconduct, and do all the official parts to run the hackspace. This is quite a responsibility for all the board members involved. We currently have 5 board members with the following positions.

  • Justa - Voorzitter - chairman
  • MadEddie - Penningmeester - treasurer
  • Stef - Secretaris - Secretary
  • Realitygaps - Algemeen bestuurslid - communicatie - General boardmember - communication
  • DrWhax - Algemeen Bestuurslid - Communicatie - General boardmember - communication

This board will "step down" and will be candidate again if they want to personally. You can be a candidate too! You can signup to be a candidate here.

Election Procedures

Our statutes provide in a number of rules concerning the voting mechanisms. I will re-state a few here:

  • The ALV is presided upon by the (current) head of the association or an appointed replacement , or failing those, a person put forward from among the members.
  • If a MEMBER is absent, he can have ANOTHER MEMBER (who is, him/herself, allowed to vote) represent him; please find and use File:Absentee.pdf to allow someone else to vote on matters on your behalf. *note* You can ONLY represent ONE absentee at any time, next to yourself.
  • The current board is stepping down in it's entirety as detailed on [[1]]
  • The new board *must* consist of at least 3, at most 7 people.
  • The assembly may vote people into the board; not board-positions.
  • The board itself, however, must distribute the available tasks across the available people. As such the assembly cannot vote anybody 'into a spot'; though preference/interest may ofcourse be stated by candidates for the board positions.
  • The voting normally is done via showing of hands; however, it is custom to do 'closed voting' (aka: paper-voting) when it comes to voting about/on people. This matter is still being investigated by the current board on how to proceed with this as well as how to vote.... however..
  • ... given the following restrictions, the voting for the board is likely to proceed as follows:
    • You get a paper with the list of available people for the board positions
    • You mark a 'yes' or 'no' behind each name
    • The papers are returned to the counting commitee
    • Any name that has at least 50% of the _available_ votes next to him/her gets voted in the board
    • results are presented after a count and recount.
  • If we end up with too few board-members, there will be a revote with those who 'didnt get in the first time'; the one with the most votes in there gets the 3rd open position.
  • If we end up with too many, we'll ask among those who voted in if there are those who would like to step down. If not, a revote of the entirety will be required.

Remember: with great power comes great responsibility.

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