Software Sunday: Linux Workshop

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Software Sunday: Linux Workshop
Date 2013/03/03
Location ACTA
Type Workshop
Contact User:Realitygaps

The first in a series of Software Sunday events, the theme for this week will be: Linux

Some small introductory presentations (depending on skill level of attendees) and then a general linux workshop / social event and perhaps some linux multiplayer gaming. From 3PM till late.

Come along if you are interested in:

  • Installing a linux distribution on your machine
  • Fixing some broken bits on your machine or getting help with workarounds
  • Sharing some linux knowledge
  • Asking some linux questions
  • Learning BASH/ZSH
  • Learning 'the command line'
  • Linux Gaming
  • Distro wars
  • Finding out more about Linux
  • (Tiling) window managers
  • Sharing configs

Bring along a computer if you can, there are also a couple of machines at the space.

If you are interested in giving a small presentation on something linux related, add your name below:

Realitygaps - Basic Bash

Realitygaps - Using SSH

r3boot - Using puppet for desktop automation



Bash Beginners Guide]


Openssh presentation