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Date 2013/03/13
Location ACTA
Type Meeting
Contact User:Becha

Mini Members Meeting:

  • very short
  • inform others of open & ongoing things
  • discussions to happen after the meeting
  • no decisions or voting: if needed, move that to ALV

Fixed time:

  • every second Wednesday of the month
  • at 9PM
  • standing meeting outside the space

Fixed agenda:

               1 volunteer a (rotating) minute taker & chair of the meeting (NOT from the board!)
               2 review any outstanding actions                (5 min)                 
               3 events & projects from last month             (5 min)         
               4 future events & projects                      (5 min)         
               5 any new topics?                               (5 min)         
               6 to & from the board                           (5 min)         
               7 new actions                                   (5 min)     

Add your topics here, or change the agenda & put your name to the topic.

If you want to chair or take notes, either edit this page or step up during the meeting.