Plausible Deniability Hackday

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Plausible Deniability Hackday
Date 2012/11/10
Location ACTA
Type Hackathon
Contact User:DrWhax, User:Wizzup

See Plausible Deniability

What's the plan?

Hackday with good discussions, brainstorming, analysis of other projects and code! :)

We will be looking into: - Rubberhose - Rubberfuse - Truecrypt (and hidden partitions) - Maybe OTR?

What we want to know

Other projects

  • Analyze Truecrypt/FreeOFTE (and!) how these projects applied their hidden parts.


  • We would like to hear use cases from people for rubberfuse. (Write them down)
  • Work on rubberfuse: finish threat model and work on a PoC.
  • Look at Device Mapper
  • Contact the old Rubberhose creators. (?)

Rubberfuse PoC

  • Allow multiple aspects (we need proper pseudorandom block gen).
  • Allow for extended master blocks.
  • Implement FUSE /control and /status (or something with readline, whatever works...)
  • Add encryption to blocks

When do we start?

Start at 13:00 - Night