Hackerspace Ladies Night, Episode 1

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Hackerspace Ladies Night, Episode 1
Date 2013/02/08
Location ACTA
Type Meeting
Contact User:Becha

Episode 1 of the hopefully regular event: Ladies Night!

We'll get together - female hackers, net-grrls, ladies and vriendinnen - to be a majority at least for one evening :)

We will get to know each other, make plans for the future events and projects, and have a nice meal!

Bring something you would like to share. There is an oven and a microwave, but it's not very handy to cook in the 'space.

Who's coming? And what are you willing to bring?

  • Marielle (will bring disposable plates )
  • Becha (will bring cups)
  • Narya (tortilla and some other snacks)
  • Reese (will bring something)

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Next event

  • 8. March 2013, 7PM: International Women Day

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