Soldering Workshop by Mitch Altman

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Soldering Workshop by Mitch Altman
Date 2012/12/04
Location ACTA
Type Workshop
Contact User:DrWhax


Soldering workshop by famous hacker Mitch Altman! He's bringing over a variety of kits that you could work on.

"all ages, all skill levels, about 3 hours, kit prices range from 10 EUR to 30 EUR. More info:"


  • Who is Mitch Altman?

Founder of Noisebridge, the San Francisco hackspace. famous for giving soldering workshops around the world. Maker of TV-B-Gone amongst many other things

  • Is the workshop free of charge?

YES! Although we appreciate donations... or become a member if you had fun!

  • Time: 19:00

Signup List

What we need

  • 1 soldering iron for each participant
  • 1 soldering iron stand for each participant
  • 1 sponge for each participant (for cleaning the soldering iron tip)
  • 1 small wire cutter for every participant
  • plenty of thin solder (60/40 Pb/Sn, rosin core)
  • 1 or 2 AC outlets for each participant