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The Kascontrolecommissie, or Financial auditing committee is the only committee within the organisation that is required by statutes. (in Article 14.3).

The task of the committee is to verify the financial report over the past book year against the complete financial administration of the association. The auditing committee reports their findings to the members of the association during the 'Jaarvergadering', the ALV to be held within 6 months after the end of the bookyear.

There are some rules regarding composition of the committee:

  • Members are being elected by the ALV
  • Minimum size of the committee is 2 persons
  • Board members are excluded from becoming part of the committee
  • The maximum term for a member in the committee is 2 consecutive years.

The composition of the Financial Report Auditing Commitee throughout the years:


Members: Fnoerd, 3p!c, Einnor, Ddevault


Members: Blizem, Fnoerd, 3p!c


Members: WFK, Webmind, Justa

Justa was elected as board member during the ALV March 2021 and thus couldn't continue as Kasco member


One member of the 2019 committee is no longer a TI member, so a new committee was created at ALV September 2020.

Reformed committee

Members: Justa, Marvin, Piele

Defunct committee

Members: Gorgabal, Justa, Marvin


Members: Meridion, Piele


Members: Bigmac, Narya, Piele