ALV May 2015

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ALV May 2015
Date 2015-05-10
Time 20:00
Location (h)ACTA
Contact Board
Minutes ALV May 2015/Minutes
ALV May 2015
Date 2015-05-10
Time 20:00
Location (h)ACTA
Type Meeting

ALV. Sunday 10 May, 2015 at 8PM (20:00)


  • Board elections candidates can be sent till one day before ALV; remember to post it to members list, with explanation of why to vote for you.
  • Minutes will be done "live", using Hackpad or similar; final version will be edited within two weeks after the ALV.

1. Admin

1.1. Number of people present, number of proxy votes, guests?

Proxy form: File:Generic proxy vote techinc.pdf

1.2. Approving the notes from the previous meeting

ALV January 2015/Minutes

1.3. Finalizing agenda (any new points?)

2. Reports

2.1. Financial report 2014

2.2. Report from the Kascontrole commissie (Marielle, Webmind, Barbera)

2.3. Appointing new kascontrole commissie.

3. Board Elections

Ardaxi, Brainsmoke, Julf, and Phicoh have to step down.

4. Votable points

4.1. Updating the "Fixed ALV date" rule (phicoh)

This point intents to update the "Fixed ALV date" rule in the HR ([1]) and consists of two votable items:

4.1a Requiring the ALV to be in January leave too little time to prepare the financial report over the year before.

This point proposes to replace the text "There should be an annual fixed ALV at the start of each year (in January) which will occur annually regardless of anyone calling for an ALV." with "There will be an ALV in the first 3 months of a calendar year where the board will present the financial report over the previous year"

4.1b Requiring the ALV to be announced two months in advance

This point proposes to remove the text "The date will be published on the wiki and mailing list at least 2 months in advance of the date."

This way the ALV can be prepared like any other ALV.

5. Any other business