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ALV 2021, november 20 Start of ALV: 19:00

1.1 Counting members/proxies

The ALV was started with 10 members physically present, 2 online and  1 member was being proxied for.

1.2 Voting procedures/etc.

It is noted here that point 4.3 (votable point re. waiving outstanding membership fees) had its wording slightly changed after agenda had been sent around to avoid a wording that was in conflict with our statutes.

1.3 aproving minutes of last meeting

It is noted they were posted late.
Not available for long; no comments or questions.
9 in favor 4 abstain
With a total of 13 votes makes the minutes of last meeting approved.

2 Reports

2.1 Report from the Board.

Board had started to send mails regarding membership of 2022: requiring people to respond to stay a member if not paying required dues.
Subtext: membership has changed to be yearly; starting from start of 2022. For people not paying the set 25 euros, input is needed from members.
People who pay 25 or more get a different mail than people who pay less than the required 25,- as their membership status would change into donorship, unless they request a lower membership tier (reduced fee).
These mails have all gone out. A short report will follow...
Corona has had a big impacted on the space. However, over the past 5 months we have seen an increase of membership. Before that, we saw people leaving due to repeated lock-downs.
Small note about our expenses.
During drafting the 2022 budget, it became clear that the Triodos account costs us quite a sum of money to maintain.
We chose to have 2 accounts to separate money-streams (board + drinks), to make accounting easier. This benefit has gone away since we incorporated drink-income into the board-finances after it was found this was required. We are thinking of getting rid of the 2nd bank-account for this reason. 1 account to be used for all payment  purposes.
Assume that in the first half year of 2022 the Triodos account will have gotten rid of.

Short overview of membership-mail responses
we received  41 reactions so far
8 people would end membership per 2022 
3 became donator to the space,  instead.
6 members have requested reduced-fee membership
24 said they will stay member for 2022 and raised to 25 euro's or more 
This gives a good estimate of what would the rest of the membership would do 

If people already paid 25 or more there is no need to reply 
We estimate 64 members to be with us in 2022 This would give us an estimated 1660 euro membership-dues income per month

Request made to get in contact with the board. The board is reaching out to members to get an understanding of their wish for 2022.

1660 income means there is a shortage as to what is required but not by a lot ! 
Board is positive the situation is shaping up to be positive for the start of 2022, but we are not out of the woods yet.

10 years of Techinc:
Techinc exists now for 10 years. We would like to celebrate
Right now, possibilities for this are limited. Parties are not really possible.
We might try to do something small scale with VR participation and do a proper party next year when possible.
Updates about this will follow. For now, small scale thing expected on 11 December to commemorate 10 year of Techinc.
extra note about budget shortcoming in 2021
In June this year, the board has looked at the budget for 2021 that was determined in 2020 and found that the deficit of 210 euros would be better set at 1850,- to more close to reality. At the moment, the deficit built up is 1645,-
In 2021, we have acquired 15 new members in the last 3 months.
Question - Becha:
Is techinc bankrupt
Answer - Arnd:
we are still short every month. At the beginning, this was still around 300 euros/month. This is now around 100 euros per month. We are seeing the moment coming when this will be 0. This should be quite soon. We can still afford the rent for the coming months at least. We are seeing things becoming better. We aren't bankrupt soon.
Question - Becha: 
Are you using savings

Answer - Piele: 
 No; saving have not been used. We are depleting our normal checking account.
 2021 , in the beginning we had a liquidity of 7300 euros on ABN, Savings, Cash and Triodos combined.
 In november, this is 5666 euro
 We have had to start to pay more per month because UR increased their rent. This is still do-able.
 We need a few more members to upgrade to 25 euros. This would really help.
 In short we would need a total of 12 new members to fix the problem.

2.2 Budget

We are paying a service cost each year. The rent and service cost gets calculated each year. We can expect to have to pay a rent of 1700/month in 2022 if it gets indexed at 2.5%

Piele shows excel-sheet.

we as board want to get rid of the Tridos , we don't expect to this to be done at the beginning of the next year. 

Questions about the budget?
Question - Becha:
 can you add a column of 2021 planned  budget, for comparing? AND the actual costs, compared to predictions, till now?

Answer - Piele/arnd:
 we cant do that right now. We have nothing prepared. We could try to  enter this in to the minutes.
Question - Becha:
 May I propose such a thing for future meetings in which budget is discussed ?

Answer - Piele:
 Yes noted and will be done next time ! 
Question - Becha:
Maybe now you can give the actual numbers

Answer - Piele:
 Link posted on jitsi
 will be read out ! This is included in the budget ! 
 The post 'insurance' is not there now. It hasn't happened in the past, there are no direct plans for this, thus it has been taken off.
 The proposed budget previous December had a 210 shortage proposed.
 In June there was a revised budget shown, for informational purposes.
 The budget that was approved came nowhere near the real numbers.

2.2.1 voting about the budget 2022

 proposed budget 2022 
10 in favor in RL,  3 in favor via Jitsi,  1 proxy abstain. 
The budget for 2022 has been unanimously approved.

2.3 social media report

No update

2.4 dispute committee report

no update

2.5 Event committee report

Short report of it having started.

Karla volunteers to join event committee! 
With thumbs up from 3pic 

2.6 Maintenance committee report.

Space maintenance going to implement  a system to maintain / inform about object's status, or that it gets put side out. 
The maintenance committee will clearly communicate this.
The hope is that this will make the space function better.
The space should be mostly active projects and not be filled with idle projects.
No questions

3.0 Kasco

Who volenteers for the kasco
3pic volunteers ! 
Blizem volunteers ! 

3.1 Kasco committee vote

13 in-favor & abstention proxy vote ! 
Fnoerd joins meeting later and also volunteers

With 13 votes in favor and 2 abstains, Fnoerd is accepted in Kasco

4.Vote able points

4.1 for minimum amount donator ship 5

The statutes say this has to be determined at the ALV. This has not been done in the last decade.
Epic: what is the amount based upon. 
Answer: Based on the 5 euro minimum membership. At this point it becomes more work than you get back.

4.1.1 Vote for minimum amount donator

Rest in favor 14 
Proposal accepted.

4.2 Hosting friendly organizations.

If it's only done after consultation, then why limit it to 24 days p/j?

It would be at most 24 inconveniences per year.
In the past, there has existed a heated debate where members complained about the exclusive nature of events. Excluding members from using the space. The proposal doesn't mention anything there. If there is a special circumstance in which an organization would need it to be exclusive, they would need to say so in the consultation.

Can we consider this a pilot program. And at the end of a year, vote in the ALV to continue this or get rid of it.
 Is it possible to get this in the proposal to remove it on the next ALV ?
 Not sure if this is possible now. 
what about exclusion: do we want tho have other organization to host an event where members of our space are not welcome?
Perhaps we can tier this:x days p/j for exclusive events, days p/j for events that are entirely open

Might possible we, but we don't do “zaal verhuur” 
Will there be a clear calendar maintained  where these events will be posted including impact, a certain amount of time before the 'event' takes place?

Yes, and our events get a priority ! 
If we have an event from an organization who is not Techinc, what does urban resort say/think about that ? 

As far as we can see, UR has no limitations on this 

If we start to accept money from other organizations for this, does this create any issue regarding liability?
Yes, we as board would have to make clear there are limitations. Regarding use of tools, etc.
Why is this proposal useful:
We have an organization of amateur radio that would like to organize something at Techinc. We see this as a good thing, using overlap in our memberships to good use.

4.2.1 Vote for Hosting friendly organizations

12 in favor 
2 against 
1 abstain 
Proposal  accepted. 
Mounir leaves; that makes 15 left.

4.3 Canceling membership, waiving of membership fees.

Short discussion, no big questions.
Propasal put to vote unchanged.
vesna left 9:36
Becha and Karla leave before vote
Vote for Canceling membership, waiving of membership fees.
12 in favor
1 abstain
Proposal accepted