ALV March 2021

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ALV March 2021
Date 2021/03/13
Time 13:00 - 16:30
Location Mumble
Contact Board
Minutes ALV March 2021/Minutes
ALV March 2021
Date 2021/03/13
Time 13:00 - 16:30
Location Mumble
Type Meeting
Contact Board


  • This meeting is fully virtual; please join via Mumble.
  • For the board elections, there is no real deadline for candidacy, before the actual election would be nice though; please post that you want to run for board to members list, with explanation of why to vote for you.
  • Proxy form:
  • Minutes will be done "live", using Hackpad or similar; final version will be edited within two weeks after the ALV.


Electronic voting overview

Number of people present, number of proxy votes, guests?

Proxy form: File:Generic proxy vote techinc.pdf

A member can only handle 1 proxy vote for someone else.

Approving the notes from the previous meeting

ALV December 2020/Minutes

Finalizing agenda (any new points?)


Financial report 2019

- ALV March 2021/Financial report 2019 candidate

Report from the Dispute Committee

Recruiting new members

  • The dispute committee is looking for more members, either temporary or permanent

Report from the Media Committee


Board elections

Votable points

Left overs from the previous meetings?

Any other business