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Manages HP Laserjet 4050TN

Some links to pages i created or maintain. Some of these are not generally linked (yet) within the rest of the wiki hierarchy

Resources on the wiki

External Resources

Circuit Design




  • [] A service popular in asia
  • [seeedstudio] Seeedstudio is a great 'full service' company for modules, components and PCB fullfilment.
  • [] Located in Amsterdam; close to Sloterdijk. Has local pickup options
  • [Radio Rotor] Located in Amsterdam; brick-and-mortar store.
  • [Muco Electronics] Located in Amsterdam. Also has an R/C hobby-store spinoff
  • [Baco Army Goods; Dump] Located in Ijmuiden. Large selection of dump/2nd hand stuff. Awesome
  • [VanAllesEnMeer] Mail-order site. Nice selection of chinese modules and electronics.
  • [] Mail-order site. Nice selection of modules for fast prototyping
  • [SMDShop] Site specialized in SMD-formfactor parts. Mailorder.
  • [] Mail-order site selling prototyping materials.
  • [IdeeTron] Mail-order site , selling prototyping materials.
  • [] Well-respected mail-order site. Specialized in PIC-micro but has awesome dump materials.
  • [] Seems to concentrate on cloned versions of open source designs; arduino-oriented.
  • [] A new edition to the mix.


  • []How to create cheap foam-flyers. Contains information about how to re-use/re-wind CDROM motors
  • [] Chinese creator of brushless motors shares some design parameters/calculators.
  • []Calculators useful for examining quadcopter flight characteristics.
  • [] SimonK firmware for ESC's; including links to compatibility-lists and ESC PCB photos; ATMEL-ESC's only
  • [] BLHeli firmware for ESC's. Both Atmel as well as Silabs. Geared mostly towards helicopters/planes.
  • [] A great^Wbig online store dedicated to everything R/C. Requires some effort to use, at times.

Personal interests

Just a postit-note for myself with info on mediawikidb select user.user_id,user.user_name,user_email,user.user_email_authenticated from user where user_id not in (select distinct ipb_user from ipblocks); or select user.user_id,user.user_name,user_email,user.user_email_authenticated from user left join ipblocks on user.user_id = ipblocks.ipb_user where ipblocks.ipb_user IS NULL;

Personal short-term goals

Get Interspatial Pale ale working Get ACTA-doorbell project installed with help of Brainsmoke (aka: aid him in all i can) Get INFO-board (screenly) working for ACTA/UR in the hallway to get rid of ridiculous HP issues membership_process_wip