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Keep track of all the things you broke on your quadcopter/flying_thing. Prizes will be each year for the most spectacular de-combobulations of your gear.



Name Model Date Where How Damage
Justa Justacopter1 2014-09-07 Novi-Sad/BalcCon Drop from 80 meters due to failing motor/esc Two arms, All escs, All motors, All props, One KK2.0 and one car-windshield
Justa Justacopter2 2014-09-30 Rembrandtpark Other pilot hits pilot with stray quadcopter Two carbon arms
Erwinsch Big Blue 2014-10-19 Amsterdamsche Bosch Third flight: Crash after 30 metres due to throttle panic Prop, Nose destroyed, Tail broken in pieces