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TechInc Member
nickname Amx109
Memberstatus board
Tasks communications
Part of Projects Canalview, TableOfFire, LEDLightDistrict, JetBoat_OHM2013, TISSEOT, RoofTopNetwork, TRTL, Custom Tent, doorbot, Plasma_Cutter, Food_Hacking, Washing_Machine_Tank, Usb_human_heater, Email_alert_installation, Chopping_Board_Scales
Manages Lady 3Jane Marie-France Tessier-Ashpool

can do software/electronics and general making with metal/wood/plastic. specialises in breaking things. Mischief maker in chief. Organiser extraordinaire.

Whats Currently Broken with Techinc


There's a lack of transparency in the following areas

  • Finance
  • Processes that govern the space
    • Many people take things for granted. Cleaning+tidying, layout concerns, infrastructure


We are Tech Inc. We are Badly Organised

  • Membership system is still a manual process
    • Until this is done you cannot know who is/is not a member unless you are the treasurer
    • Cannot predict future income. You need about six months of data for that.
  • Doorbot system - track entry/exit of members by board
    • contentious, yes. benefits outweigh privacy implications?

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