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Holding an ALV can be contentious in and of itself. Adding votable agenda items can be a minefield, and time consuming for the board to process.

In order to ensure the time spent at the ALV is reduced, the board asks that you follow the following procedure. Any non-compliance will lead to your voting point being removed from the agenda. This does not prevent you from bringing you the point at the ALV however, and we would urge you to voice it under the 'AOB' section of the meeting

  • Agenda points should worded so that they can be voted upon, with a 'yes' or a 'no'
  • Each agenda point requires a 'proposer', and that person will be responsible for the agenda point up until the board accepts it.
  • Each agenda point should be emailed to our 'members' mailing list, preferably with arguments for and against.
    • As a guideline, a minimum of about a week should be given for feedback
    • The proposer should moderate the discussion where necessary
  • A summary of the discussion, and the agenda point should be emailed to for acceptance by the board onto the agenda