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  • Every 3 months submit BTW 'form'
    • via belasting diesnt website

How much BTW received - How much BTW you paid = How much tax you pay if difference is less then 1350, pay nothing elseif 1350-1800 - graduated scale elseif 1800 - pay everything

Bank Accounts

same bank account boekhouder is patly responsible for money too (legally) so will require ALL bank information to review

Much easier to get seperate bank account

Income Tax

income tax is paid over your profit


Food - need receipts - you need a good reason for it - must be noted
Travelling - same
Mobile Contract - can deduct, eg 50%, for 'business use'. Might need to provide a breakdown of percentage if required
keep track of public travel expenses
can only claim 70% of dinners

Business Costs

For laptops. you can only buy 1 every 3 years. (unless eg, broken)
website hosting can be included
+other sensible expenses

special deduction for small company - if you work 1225+ hours a year - first 10k is tax free.
its a good idea to make a note of hours you work every week.

if you buy equipment more than 450 EUR (as a unit) - if thats more than 2.5k in a year - special deduction - investment deduction - 40% of the total.
if its environmentally friendly - mileua deduction - 60%