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The idea is to create a drone that would track a BTLE tag (at a certain height, avoiding running into structures). One would select the "mark" and plant the tag on them (velcro?) at which point no matter where they went, they would be followed by the drone which had lights and a mirrorball hanging from it and was playing a continuous loop of the first few bars of the Bee Gees "Stayin' Alive".


  • BTLE tracking, can it be made to work?
  • Collision avoidance (are ultrasonic sensors good enough for the drone to avoid a tree, antenna mast or power lines?)
  • Speaker and battery for same would weigh a nontrivial amount
  • Sound of drone props would be loud, so music would need to be louder
  • A swinging disco ball (no matter how light) would alter the flight dynamics of the craft