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Ideas for screenings at the space

I would like for them to be:

  • At least tangentially related to hacker-culture
  • Preferably free/open/CC content
  • Preferably from European makers
  • If multiple movies, find opposing points of view on the item.

Concrete ideas

Laura Poitras

About Iraq war / Snowden.

  • My Country, My Country (2006)
  • The Oath (2010)
  • CITIZENFOUR (2014)

Note: Too US centric. Not free content.

General ideas for Themes

  • Privacy
  • Hacking
  • Copy right/copy left
  • Alternative culture/DIY/localisation
  • Science - BBC Christmas lectures / The secret life of machines
  • Heathcare / Medicines
  • Food Industry
  • Bill Hicks

Sources for European documentaries