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  • What: Area denial for rodents by ways of random noise
  • How: Get a bunch of tweeters and drive them hard at ultra-sonic frequencies.
  • When: When the space is closed.

Please note: This project is a copy/inspired by a build Julf did: The Ultrasonic Wall Of Sound .

Longer Explanation

The idea is to have a µC output random noise in the 25K to 70Khz range since it's very likely there's spillover into the <20K range, we hook it in so that it only runs then the space is closed.

Parts needed:

  • MicroController with network
  • Tweeters
  • Amplifier that does these frequencies well (normal audio have low performance at these frequencies)
  • Case/housing
  • Some Indicator lights (power, network-ok, active)
  • Power source.


  • Random patterns work best. Unpredictable patterns.


  • Get the state from the MQTT topic
  • Have a 5 min delay on the activation

Possible parts:

Similar commercial products: