Privacy Software Workshop Series II

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Privacy Workshops Series II

If you have suggestions, please place them in the proper "Planned X" section.

Coming and past Privacy (Software) Workshop series



Past Past

Related projects: Privacy_Software_Workshop_Series

Planned Workshops

  • Tails workshop
  • Tor Hidden Services:
    • How they work
    • How to set them up
    • How not to leak traceable information
  • OTR for mortals (Jabber & IRC?)
  • Setting up and using Pond
  • Tor (Multiple workshops)
    • Basics: How does it work
    • Running an relay (also: Running an exit relay)
    • Running a bridge (with plugin-protocol setup)
    • Advanced: Obfuscated proxies
    • Theoretical: scalability, path selection
  • PGP/GnuPG for (SSH) Authentication

Planned Hackathons

  • Using PGP for authentication
  • Key signing party (if there is enough interest)

Planned Projects

  • Creating a device for signing plaintext 'safely'. (more details later) (via phicoh)

Ordering OpenPGP Smartcards and readers

Update: The orders have been placed. If you still wish a smart card and there are no 'sponsored' cards/readers left, we can do another order. User:Wizzup will hand out the cards and readers on the upcoming workshop to those who have paid. (Details in email)

Basically, you need two things: A card and a card-reader. The card is about 15 euro. And it can hold three subkeys of 4096 bits. The reader offered by the same company is usb-stick sized and costs about 20 euro:

Below is a list of people who want to order (one or both) of these pieces. If you can, please sponsor one extra set so we can have a few extra in case more people show up during workshops, or in the future.

List of people who would like to order a smartcard and/or usb reader:

Strike through means that you have received the reader/cards.

  • Wizzup (6x smartcard, 4x reader, will sponsor: 2x smartcard, 2x reader) +2 sc and 1 reader (bg)
  • Chotee (1x smartcard, 1x reader)
  • Phicoh (1x smartcard, 1x reader)
  • Julf (2x smartcard, 2x reader)
  • Narya (2x smartcard, 2x reader, plus sponsoring: 2x smartcard, 2x reader,paid)
  • Chris (1x smartcard, 1x reader) ok with VAT change
  • Ultratux (1x smartcard, 1x reader)
  • Muse (1x smartcard, 1x reader)
  • Skinnr (1x smartcard, 1x reader)
  • Mariejel (2x smartcard, 2x reader)
  • Swabbles (1x smartcard, 1x reader)

Running total: (21x reader, 26x smartcard)

Random resources


The following items need to be placed in the appropriate section and/or need more details.

  • maybe some IM/chat solutions for mobile platforms?
  • Dropbox replacements