Privacy Workshop Series II: Meeting III

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Privacy Workshop Series II: Meeting III
Date 2015/06/30
Location ACTA
Type Workshop
Contact User:Wizzup

Tails is a live operating system designed to protect you and your privacy. It is often used by people living in oppressive regimes, as well as journalists. At this event, we'll show you how to install and use Tails. Bring a USB stick if you want to install/use it.


In the third meeting of the Privacy Workshop Series, we will hold a Tails install workshop/party on 30 June. We will start around 20:00.
I will be there and DrWhax has promised he would be there too.

Bring a USB stick of at least 2GB.

Please spread the word - I am not sure how many of our own members need help installing Tails, but many other people likely do need help.