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TAILS workshop
Date 2014/06/12
Location ACTA
Type Workshop
Contact User:Becha, Donna

A free workshop. Open to both TechInc members and the public.

Donna will be available between 19:00 and 22:00 in the TechInc space to show people how to use TAILS and to discuss anonymity and privacy.

You can look over the shoulder and listen, or bring your own laptop and a USB stick, and start working with TAILS straight away.

Most of my experience is with pc's, but am happy to look at TAILS on a Mac too.

Participants should feel comfortable on their computers, but it is not necessay to have a lot of ICT knowledge and experience.


The goal of using TAILS is to secure your own anonymity and privacy on the internet.

TAILS is a live operating system, ie you can start it on almost any computer from a DVD, USB stick, or SD card.


  • TAILS stands for "The Amnesic Incognito Live System".
  • TAILS sends its traffic through Tor.
  • Tor stands for "The Onion Route".
  • TAILS is Free Software and is built upon Debian.
  • A "Live OS" is a temporary operating system - all settings are lost at shutdown. The system is not installed on the computer. It is mobile, you can use the USB stick on different computers.


Broedplaats (h)ACTA: former dentist school, across the street from Slotervaart hospital

Address: Louwesweg 1 (1066 EA) (52.34557 4.82578)

Door bell: +31 6 57245257


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