Privacy Workshop Series II: Meeting II

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Privacy Workshop Series II: Meeting II
Date 2014/09/27
Location TechInc
Type Workshop
Contact User:Wizzup

Start time: 20:00

Notes (temporary location):

Please spread the word:

   Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2014 13:53:29 +0200 (CEST)                                                                                        
   From: Merlijn Wajer <>                                                                                            
   Subject: Privacy Workshop Series II: Meeting II (PGP) - 27 September                                                                
   The next Privacy Software workshop will be on *Saturday* 27 September.
   We will try to cover the following material:
   * GnuPG/PGP:
     - Create your own key and subkeys (a subkey for each usage)
     - PK encrypt
     - Passphrase encrypt
     - Sign
   * PGP in email (Claws mail, Enigmail, Evolution)
     - Tails has Claws Mail, so having Tails to play around with PGP may be an
     - Enigmail is for Thunderbird - presumably a lot of people use Thunderbird and
       Enigmail works quite well.
   * Using GnuPG to authenticate to ssh servers. (Working with gpg-agent)
   If time and luck permits, we will have an initial look at the OpenPGP
   smartcards. But as stated before, I plan to hold another meeting just for that.
   There will also be a chance to sign each others keys, if you wish to do so.